Monday, 29 September 2014

Days 28 and 29 I'm so lazy and yet more traveling!

So on day 28 I litrely did nothing I decided that the botanical gardens were too far away to walk and to just save my money and get some dinner and sit and watch movies all day lol I had mc d's again btw how much of a fatty am I at this point it was 2 days in a row plus a Wendy's the day before lol oh well the heart wants what the heart wants lol so seen as all I did is watch movies I'll recomend some that I watched - oblivion, this was a good film I have watched it about 3 times in 2 days but the first 2 times I was doing things so I didn't get the gist until I watched it a 3rd time with no interruptions and as it happens it was worth a watch in the end lol and then another I really enjoyed and stopped face booking and everything lol this was the prestige it's one of those films you have to keep watching to keep up with it because if you miss something your lost for a long time I loved it that much I can't wait to get home and see if I can buy it to watch again and make other people watch.

So today so far I have don't nothing really again I didn't set off to the airport till 2:30 on the train I had to get the train (LRT) from the station near me this was the (I've forgot now but I'll add when I find the map out again I think it's in my big bag) but this cost me 1.30ringett to the centeral station and then from there I got the KLIA train to the airport this cost me 35ringett and took 28mins and come I think every half hour I got the 3pm train I then sat around found a mc d's again lol got my 3 hours free wifi and then went to check in but I had to do online check in at the till things and then do normal bording to drop my bag off this was just a hassle took time to figur out the till things and then when I went to the baggage drop he then wanted to do what they normally do at check in and look at my pass port and then re print me another bording card just a waste of time and paper if you ask me! My fligh is now delayed by an hour but people are still rushing into the bording area and there is still another hour and half yet so I'm writing this till there is no que to go and board no point standing around when the plane is not even there yet lol 

My view right now for you all. 

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