Thursday, 11 September 2014

Days 9, 10 and 11

Hi long time no post lol sorry all the days are in 1 but I've been on a jungle trek and had no iPad or anything to type up I should have too a book and wrote down everything and re typed it up but I forgot sorry about that :( but I'll do my best to sum up the last 3 days in order, but firstly I'll tell you what it was etc it was a trip by G adventures I've wrote about it before as I met my group a few days ago now and wrote about all that but this part was the actual jungle trek bit where we stayed with hill tribes and villages, the trip I would recomend it was so nice to do something different and have my eyes opend and not just do something touristy but the trek part for me as I don't do it as a hobby to start with was a big struggle and I wouldn't recomend it if you are in no way used to walking and trekking or any excercise like me lol some of it was nice and fun at times but when it gets to the hard stuff, up steep hills it gets a real struggle. All the meals were included on this trip but you did have to pay for drinks and water. The meals they provided for us were like huge banquets way too much but so nice evey meal was the same so I can not complain what so ever about the food they even catered for the vegetarians In the group. 

The first day (9) - on the first day we got picked up from the hotel at 9am and took to our first stop what was a local market also a half way stop here we could by snaks and things for the children in the villages, I chose pens and writing pads. We then got back in our trucks we stopped for around 5mins at the tourist police to tell them who was going with pass port copy's so they know who comes back and who's missing etc lol, and took to the next stop this was a very amazing water fall that we all got to swim in and cool off and just have a bit of fun it was picture perfect ! We then went for food another 30mins away or as the locals say 19mins don't ask. We stopped for a yummy dinner fried rice, soup, fruits, spring rolls lots of things (same kind of thing every day in different variations) the final stop after a long and very bumpy ride and a struggle to get up a very steep and muddy hill was the start of our trek. The start I liked a lot it was so amazing to be in the jungle see all the wildlife the noises the scenery everything, it was also fun slipping and sliding around in dirt and streems but then came the hills the small and gradual ones I wasn't too bad with but the steep ones killed me I realised very quickly that this wasn't for me I was so out of breath it hurt and I started panicking and I could no longer keep up with people I hated it and it made me not look forward to the next day at all. 
After a lot of hassle getting to the top we took a long road down now down and along I'm fine with I manage to keep up and can take everything in again I like it but then I started playing I spy and fell over (what on a gravel road of all places after all the obsticals in the jungle I fall on a gravel road) we finally get to the village and have a look around before getting to our tree house shak thing where there was like a dorm room style bedding area where we all sleped together with just blankets on a padded mat on the floor with mosquito nets we also had a large table and seating area where I sat for the rest of the night whilst everyone went in the river and shower thing, as I had cut my knee I didn't want to go in the river water I was also way too tired and in pain to want to move lol the toilet was and Asian style toilet (squatting style) in a shak down a little dirt way. 

The second day (10) - up at 8:30am for breakfast then we gave our toys to the children in the village this was such a nice thing they were so happy to receive cheap plastic toys and balloons so much better than today's children that expect the latest gadget theese children where just so happy to receive anything. starting the 5kilomiter or 3 & 1/2 hours trek that after the first day I was not looking forward to at all this has to be the only bit of the trip I have not liked at all, it was so painful and I did cry more than once but I did mange it I may have been the last and took longer but I walked it just like everyone else! What I i am proud of. To start I did stay with people for the first hour not too bad but again as soon as we got to the steep hills I was dead I dropped way to the back and couldn't breath properly and today was worse as it was a full hour of up hill but felt like 3 hours plus the sun was red hot today and there was not a lot of shade in this part of the jungle. I don't have much more to say about it as it was just a real struggle for me and I didn't enjoy it at all I felt so I'll and upset by the time I got to the others at the elephant feeding and bathing I just kept on walking so I didn't have to duble back on myself as I was that tired already so I was very gutted I missed the elephants, but I did see them I was just in such a wired sad upset hurt mood I just didn't care that I had missed them at the time. 
I sat and had a drink of pop to have some surger in me and we set off another 30mins (I could have just killed myself at this point) to the next village where we were staying. I was in such bad shape it felt like an hour and never ending but I had some company on the last bit what made things that much better that I wasn't last on my own so a big thank you to cat and Emma from my group getting me to the end point. Again this village was the same style next to the river and again I didn't want to risk going in with my cut knee but this place had no electricity so we had lunch by candle light I had a bit of a shower as the water came from a tap and the bed area was a bit nicer this night we all stayed up to play games and chat and was overall a really nice night after a horrible day I had. 

Day 3 today (11) - this was the best day for me 3 hour of no walking at all lol ahhh lush we did however have to get on a slightly sinking bamboo raft I personal enjoyed it took it as a once in life time experience and took in all the scenery of the trip with a rather wet bum the whole way. The other to sets of groups had better less sinking ones than us but hey oh all part of the fun and it was just a bamboo raft like you would think simple and bamboo not much else to it, it felt like we were floating down the amazon until we got rapids and I got soaked it went over my head and we all really thaught our raft was going to sink or capsize at this point lol I saw the first time in my life a full circle rainbow in the sky as it's so humid apparently that's what happens here it was just amazing not many people or places where you can see that or say you have. We stopped for the toilet at another village and the final stop was for lunch I got changed as I was soaking and we got picked up by our truks to take us back to Chiang mai and we got back to the hotel for around 3ish where we all had a good scrub. 

I washed all my things out as everything was dirty and small and I had warn the same things mostly and everything smells much better now and is cleaner I even washed my shoes as they were muddy as for the trekking but they are not dry yet but we get a full day tomorrow before we hear back on the sleeper train. After my shower and whaling things I sat round the pool and chilled for a few hours got in touch with people to let them know I was safe back and then we went out around 7pm ish for food and drinks but I came back erly as I don't really fancy drinking tonight and I'm tired I had to catch up with you guys but my room mate did and I had the only key so I guess I have to stay up so that's why there is so much detail lol I can't wait to have a lay in tomorrow it feels like so long since I got one without the alarm going off. And it's nice to be back in a comfy bed again with air con and not on the floor in hot humid air. 

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