Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Look back at my travels last year :)

If you kept up with my blog you got to see first all my pictures and story's from my travels. So now I've put together 6 photos from each destination that I think some it up well and are my favourite. I hope you all enjoy them as I love looking back at them as it makes me wat to travel all over again and brings back amazing memory's that no longer feel real. All photos are my own and was taken by me. 

#1 my first sto dubai. 
(Starting from the top left. The top of the burj Khalifa, camels walking free on the desert, the site lights at dusk from a birds eye view, an amazing sun set over the desert, beautiful art work my henna, traditional dancing in the camp.) 

#2 Thailand. 
 (Starting from the top left. From the top nangyuan Island, the colourful floting markets, sun setting with a giant gold budda in the way, climbed to the top of wat Arun, hugging such an amazing creature, the view in the jungle at Chaing mai.) 

#3 cambodia. 

#4 malaysia (Kuala Lumpur).
 (Starting from the top left. Some art I saw across from my hotel with the kl tower in the background, the musical fountains by night all lit up in colour at the petronas towers, the top of the petronas tower from the other one on a very foggy day, the view from the kl tower looking down, some amazing sculptures in the gardens, a mosque near my hotel that just looked so grand.) 

#5 Australia (Sydney).

 (Starting from the top left. From the bondi beach walk the two colours of the sea and swimming pool, the Sydney harbour bridge from a ferry ride, fire works at darling harbour so amazing, from the top of the Sydney harbour bridge on my bridge climb to the top, the 3 sisters mountains such breathtaking views, and we can't forget the main attraction at Sydney the opera house.) 

#6 Fiji.
 (Starting from the top left. Covered in mood from the mud pools and hot springs with 2 friends, the beachcomber island I stayed at for 2 nights like a privet island, the fire dancers from the island, the final sunset in fiji back on the main land, the view all around the main land near the orchid gardens, and traying to paddle bored I did manage to stand for about 30secs lol.) 

#7 USA Los Angeles.
 (Starting from the top left.the charmed house one of my fave tv programs so I had to go hunt it out with a friend I met that wanted to see it just as much, the stars *** so many to pick from to kneel and have your photo i hunk this one is Micky mouse, the closest spot to the hollywood sign I could get to and loved it, ,add it to universal studios to see a friend that works there :), my goal whilst in LA to get a photo or autograph froma celeb and I got my pick with Janice Dickinson!!! #selfie, and we can't for get the crem del a crem that is Beverly Hills,) 

#8. Las Vegas.

 (Starting from the top left. Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas the famous sign, the strip by night such an amazing atmosphere I loved it, the most breathtaking view I've ever seen the Grand Canyon photos do not do it justice believe me, the amazing roof on Fremont street lively and fun but not as hectic as the main strip, the volcano display at the mirage I got a good spot and could feel the heat, and inside Venice well the best looking one next to the real thing.) 

#9 San Francisco.
 (Starting from the top left. The famous lamboard street, the most interesting place ever that is Alcatraz !!!, another area of amazing views Yosemite national park, San Fran itself the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, huge red wood trees at Yosemite just wow, and the painted ladies all in row.)  

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Get a bucket list of ideas going!!!

Bucketlist » Leigh Pope check out my bucket list via the link to get some ideas and follow me to see how well im doing trying to tick things off. i have a list as long as my arm and then some, and every time i tick one off i add 5 more and i shouldn't do this nor should you! im stuck in this but soon im going to try something new by making my list shorter...

 if you make a list or lets say around 20 to 25 items its a shorter list to accomplish and complete and when you've ticked the all off pick some more off your larger list you have in the back of your head, this way it should, should been the main word there help you to complete the shorter list much quicker and getting more thing done in life. 

now my list has everything on it from wild ex-stream things to simple life things that you shouldn't take for granted its completely up to you what you add on to your list but do try to add a few things that are out of your comfort zone and slowly build up to more scary and challenging ideas like for me i would never dream of bungee jumping but I've said to myself if i tick off sky diving and shark cage diving i would put it on my list. if your new to all this try a list that is easy to do then when you finish it in know time you will feel more accomplished and eager to add more and this time more challenging ones like i said. 

i understand money plays a big part when it comes to bucket lists as everything i seem to add needs money and that's what i blame for not finishing things or ticking things off so take some time to save and when things come available do them that's the whole point. 

my last thing on my bucket list is .... to tick off everything on my bucket list  i hope this is possible. 

Another thing to let you know is a lot of the things ive done in life that im proud of or grateful that ive been lucky and had the chance to do were never on my list to start with they just happened so sometimes just go for it, its not always on a list but it could be something to tell the grand kids :) 

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Help for travel planning & my travel videos

Stuck for something to do ? got January blues ? i can help start planning a trip or trips of a life time !!! 

I will be doing a few blogs and maybe some videos on my YouTube to help with doing this from what i went through and learnt last year whilst planning mine and going on the trip :) from money saving, to ideas from my bucket list to yours. anything i can think of that i worried about or struggled with doing ill help with tips and advise to make this better for you. 

#1 The number one thing i found useful and fun to do was watch all sorts of travel videos. mine aren't the most descriptive like some (and feel free to watch any style of video that best suits you for ideas and help) but i attempted to do daily vlogs of my travels... the didn't end up been so daily as it happens and aren't the best for information but its lost of footage of amazing places i visited and loved and if you want to know anything about the videos just ask.   

For more videos (16) all from my travels visit my youtube Chanel now!!! 

Friday, 9 January 2015

Goodbye 2014 hello 2015

Last year I filled a jar with every happy moment I had and at the end of the year I opened all the folded paper and read all the happy memory's and you realise just how good the year has been rather than just thinking of the bad and sad times! I would really recomend doing it this year and give it a go I will be doing it again as it just makes you apricate the smaller things in life :)