Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Get a bucket list of ideas going!!!

Bucketlist » Leigh Pope check out my bucket list via the link to get some ideas and follow me to see how well im doing trying to tick things off. i have a list as long as my arm and then some, and every time i tick one off i add 5 more and i shouldn't do this nor should you! im stuck in this but soon im going to try something new by making my list shorter...

 if you make a list or lets say around 20 to 25 items its a shorter list to accomplish and complete and when you've ticked the all off pick some more off your larger list you have in the back of your head, this way it should, should been the main word there help you to complete the shorter list much quicker and getting more thing done in life. 

now my list has everything on it from wild ex-stream things to simple life things that you shouldn't take for granted its completely up to you what you add on to your list but do try to add a few things that are out of your comfort zone and slowly build up to more scary and challenging ideas like for me i would never dream of bungee jumping but I've said to myself if i tick off sky diving and shark cage diving i would put it on my list. if your new to all this try a list that is easy to do then when you finish it in know time you will feel more accomplished and eager to add more and this time more challenging ones like i said. 

i understand money plays a big part when it comes to bucket lists as everything i seem to add needs money and that's what i blame for not finishing things or ticking things off so take some time to save and when things come available do them that's the whole point. 

my last thing on my bucket list is .... to tick off everything on my bucket list  i hope this is possible. 

Another thing to let you know is a lot of the things ive done in life that im proud of or grateful that ive been lucky and had the chance to do were never on my list to start with they just happened so sometimes just go for it, its not always on a list but it could be something to tell the grand kids :) 

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