Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Day 43 (could be 44'as I had the same day twice lol)

Welcome to HollyWood! This was my first full day in LA and I started it off with the free brekfast at the hostel and signed up to a walking Hollywood sign tour free with the hostel I was staying at yay another good reason to stay at a hostel (free things) I also booked another tour, a better one that I paid more for $39 but I'll get to that later. 
The tour we did meant we had to catch a bus from the corner of vine street (but I don't know the number I never took note) and then had about a 15min walk up hill to get to this spot it wasn't amazingly steep and I managed to stay at the front of the group so I think I did well considering it was up hill, this is the closest point you can get to, to see the sign any closer and your paying a fine lol I don't know the location to let you know but if you find the wizard of oz secret garden your on the right street :) I would say follow the yellow brick road but it's not quite like that lol. I had met somone to chat to on the tour and got talking about what we had planed next after the tour and found out the girl was looking for the house from charmed so I had to join and look for this house too (again I can't tell you what street it's on or the bus number as she did all that but she did just get it all off google so just do that) I changed my tour to the day after so that I could look for the house and this was just fine, we went to get something to eat fist on Hollywood blv as we are neR there so makes sence for us to eat around there lol we found a nice little Mexican take away place and it was yummy I had the chicken and cheese quesadilla with free nachos it was cheap, yummy and filling just what you need! Back to the house somone was just moving in so we had to ask if it was ok to take some pictures just out of politeness as it is their home. This was fine to do.

 We headed back the bus ride there and back is both around 30mins each way so by the time we had done it was getting late so we went back to Hollywood blv I took yet more pictures of the stars on the floor, the had prints at the Chinese theatre and went on an inside tour of the theatre this was around $15 and was very interesting got to see lots that most will never see and learn new things about it and Hollywood I didn't know. After this we went to the hard rock caffe for some yummy dinner I obviously had burger and a cocktail and kept my glass as it wasn't much to do this option. It was a lovely end to the first full day in Hollywood and I got to do lots that wasn't planed but enjoyed. I would recomend do everything I've said if you like that thing not everyone will have done most of this I can assure you! 

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