Saturday, 11 October 2014

Day 39 leaving beachcomber and coming back to nadi

Today all we did was sun it up as it was a nice day we had the 5:15pm ferry back to Nadi so we had all day to sun bathe and do what ever we wanted I decided to go on the free Corel viewing and fish feeding trip around 12:00pm and it was ok it had got a bit rough so it was hard to see the fish but the Corel viewing looked so amazing seeing all the different types and the blue starfish so nice. For the last couple of days it's been really hot in the morning and then gets windy by noon and then the sea gets rough and sand blows everywhere it's still hot but obviously more windy and dangerous as you keep cool and get burnt so when ever it's windy and over cast ember you still have to put sun cream on as that's the time you will burn! - just a little tip and advise form me lol. 

When we headed back to the port (I'll make sure I find the port name for the next post I do) it was about 6pm ish so we decided to grab some dinner or tea depending where your from lol so we went to the hard rock caffe have a little bit of style and high life it's so much cheaper than in England or america so it's the best time to go to a hard rock or tgis when your in a different country. We (I keep saying we as the girls I met decided to do the same as me and changed their plans so we stood together) so anyway ... We got a taxi back to smugglers cove and cost us $30fiji from the port back to the hotel so as their was 3 of us it worked out at $10 each so not much at all and took around 15 mins. I had booked for 3 nights but I still need to book another I worked it out wrong but that's easy done to add another night but they needed to book in but there was plenty of spare beds in the dorm so that's fine. We dropped our things off in the room and took the main things out and went for a mojito and it was so nice I'm not normally keen of them but I really loved that. The we just kinda walked off and forgot to pay so score free mojito lol I. Sure they will get us at some point as were staying hear for a while ha. 

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