Saturday, 11 October 2014

Mud pools! Day 41

Today we got up for 9am to get a taxi we arranged the day before for $50fiji each (between 3 of us) to take us around some different places in nadi we started at the mud pools this took us around 30mins to get there and cost us $20 each entry this was one of the best things ever I loved it I would do it everyday if I could. We basically got covered in mud head to toe from the mud pool not like the slap dab you make in your garden like a clay type of mud in gray colour and then let it dry, this took maybe 20mins as it is hot in Fiji but it was on thick it felt just like a face mask hardening all over your body. We then got in to the mud pool and washed it off, the mud pool felt so wired like from your knees down it was like floating mud all around and took a while to get used to the feeling. After the mud pool we went into the thermal pool this was a natural hot spring at around 20 to 30 degrees in temperature and it did burn our sun burn like mad it was just amazing been in a pool that's not getting any cooler as you stay in it and is hot by nature not man made. They had a hot spring also but you couldn't go in it as in temperature is was 80 to 90 degrees so very hot! The man said they boil there potatoes in it and takes around 5 to 10 mins just mad that that's natural we were aloud to put our finger tip in and it was red hot like it would leave burns on you if you fell in. We then went in a third pool that was slightly cooler but after our time in the thermal pool we really wanted a cold pool lol you could stay not as long as you wanted but they didn't rush you with anything so I think you could spend around 1 hour to 1hour and 30mins as the pools are relaxing and there is an option to pay more and have a massage after with coconut oil this was $40 for the whole thing ncluding pools and this would then take longer. 

The next stop we went on was just down the road and it was to the garden of the sleeping giants, this cost $16 entry with complimentary juices and they were good I must say here you can spend as long as you wish just walking around or sitting and talking the scenery in as there is lots of places to sit along the way. They have the bigest orchid collection in Fiji and well as the woods/rainforest style part of the mountains and Lilly ponds it was a really nice place to walk around and take in some natural beauty. 
Another option you could do whilst in the area of both the sleeping giants and the mud pools is do the zip line that is just over the river and in the same area so the price of the taxi wouldn't change much, I believe the zip line is $108 but I did see a sign for a 2 for 1 offer and you can do as many zips as you want you aren't limited to a certain number. This would be a good replacement to the temple we saw as it wasn't that good and I wouldn't recomend doing that. 
The next thing we did was go to the temple this was about 30mins in the opposite direction into nadi town and cost us $5 entry and we could only take pics outside and that was only one view of it and couldn't go in any of the places in it as we wasn't that religion so a bit of waste of time more than anything, like I said I would skip this unless you really love temples. 
After that we walking into the town had a look round the local market where the people had made things it was nice but nothing I was looking for they were all wooden items all had crafted and nice and amazing prices so cheap but not what I wanted I was looking for magnets, I found some in the souvenir shops but they were exspensive not if I wanted one I wouldn't mind paying $10 but when I want 3 that's $30 and that's £10 for magnets too much for me. 

We had such a fun and interesting day doing lots of things all day we started at nine and got back for 3 and we had a good amount of time at everything but you could spend longer if you wish. We came back and went in the see and chilled on the beach till about 4:30ish and the girls were going back that night so they went for a shower and what not and then we had food watched the sun set and said bye. So nice to meet yet more lovely people on my trip <3 

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