Sunday, 5 October 2014

Day 3 in Sydney | day 32 | bridge climb! |

Today was one of the most breathtaking days ever as much as I get to see amazing views everyday whilst I am traveling today I got a truly amazing one just by the fact that I had climbed one of the most famous bridges in the world and got see the whole of Sydney harbour from the top of the bridge I can't  tell you how much I recomend you do this if you come to Sydney, I know it's a little pricy but if it's your first time and you don't know if you will ever come back then I really would book it and treat yourself how many people back home can say they have done that or anything like it ? Not that many and there is only one Sydney harbour bridge in the world to climb to the very top. 

Before I climbed it I obviously stopped and took pictures of the harbour and the opera house as this was my first view of the most famous harbour in the world but I did only have time to stop and take some pictures before I headed to my climb, with the deal I got (booked through sta travel) I climbed the top one, got a free picture and cap and certificate to prove I've done it plus a free entry ticket to the look out point on the bridge this is normally $16, I've forgot the price I paid but i think I posted about it with all the info and prices on a previous blog post about what I had planed for Sydney, but I think it was around £150 I picked to do the climb instead of a ske dive because let's be honest you can do a sky dive anywhere in the world you can't climb the harbour bridge anywhere! I had around 2 hours actually on the bridge and 1 hour getting ready and sorted knowing what to do etc and our climb leader was great full of all different information about the bridge and the harbour she really knew her stuff she also took lots of good photos and more than one in each spot so I had loads to pic from to buy at the end as well as my free group picture and we got an 8sec vide free also. I decided to buy 2 pictures as I had to have proof of doing this the pictures were $15 each quite pricy but they have you as you can't take any cameras up the bridge, but they do have everything you need if you have forgot anything they have it to lend right down to sun cream and hair ties! They also have drinking fountains up the bridge so if your thirsty this is brill plus you really do need it after climbing some of the steps! 
I'm scared of hights but after getting over the ladder part and off the metal mesh flooring once your actually up the bridge it's not scary as you can't see down and you can tell your very safe you just get amazing views all around. But as I said there is a ladder bit to get up to the frame work of the bridge, I would guess around 40 steps 4 sets of ladder steps there not too bad but my issue was you can see down to the cars below you and if you slip your falling down them lol but not to put anyone off they take around 4mins of your 2 hour so you can defiantly get over it! 

Later on we took the ferry from the harbour to darling harbour to go to the aquarium the return ferry ticket was $12 and the normal price for the aquarium is $40 but I got mine for $28 from wake up hostel but as I found out later base hostel offer this and the wildlife for $25 each even cheaper but both work out cheaper than the student prices! I really liked the aquarium but I'm glad I didn't pay full price I think I would have been disappointed for $40 they had lots of fish and other sea creatures to see not just your normal fish and had 2 shark tunnels it took us a good 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours to go round it after really looking and taking pictures so it is really worth the cheaper price and it's open till late. After this we got the ferry back to the quay circle (main harbour) and got the 555 free bus back up to central station where our hostel is also the last stop for the bus and on the night we picked was the only night in the week the free bus runs later till 6pm when we got back we had a drink and some food and had a bit more of an early night as it was quite hectic all day doing things non stop walking. 

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