Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Day 15 | Angkor wat |

The whole reason we came to Cambodia was to see the Angkor wat temples but as we were so tired from traveling the day before we didn't get up to see it at sunrise instead we opted for sun set both are what people flock to at Angkor. We had a delicious breakfast from our hotel included in the room rate and got rid of the other tuk tuk driver by saying we were too sick to go as he was over charging us so we did the tuk tuk service to the temples with the hotel (Mr luky our driver and much more) 

He took us to the first stop to buy our park tickets for the day only entry - there is lots of tickets for different amount of days as there is lots of temples not just 1, we did 4 of them for 1 day this was a good amount of time for  the ones we did and this cost $20. The first temple was the main and most well known Angkor wat this was good but not my favourite as it was jam packed very busy as expected but just not what I was imagining it was also having some work done to it so I couldn't get some photoes (the main ones you would take as well) also as I noticed it is re bult a lot of it it but very badly done some things are in the wrong place you can tell this with the carvings and other bits you can tell things are brand speaking new and had cement all over but still I am glad to have seen it but the much smaller ones I liked the most. 

The next temple was much more like ruins and was covered in trees and just looked a lot more natural and un - touched this one was called ta prohm there are some people selling things (lots actually) and are really good gifts to bring back and you can really barter hard with them I got 3 magnets for 1 doller and a rice paper painting for 2dollers (USD) so I would recomend waiting and getting gifts and souvenirs at theese places rather than shops as you can get a much better deal. 

The next temple again I liked as it looked more old and un touched more of a real feel and not re bult although some of it was, it was a lot less noticeable than Angkor this was a lot more busy than the last one but not as much as Angkor but then again it was smaller but still had ques for pictures as it was the tomb reader one so lots of people wanted pictures in curtain areas and where things were fillmed etc I myself have never seen it but some areas I had my picture had ques so I guess it was a famous area but I just liked it as it looked nice for a photo.  Bantea kdei

Another temple I forget the name of it was a much smaller in size of area but was taller it was good but there wasn't too much to see it only took around 15mins to have a decent look around before we went to our fial temple to see the sun set. It had faces in the pullers lage ones and they were on a lot of of magnets and things so I'm guessing it was a well know one but like I said it's a huge area full of all different sized temples. ( Angkor thom ) 

The last temple we had to climb up a large hill or mountin in my case lol this closes at 5:30 to let anyone else in and then you climb all the way to the top to see the sun set around 6 - 6:30pm this would have been perfect if in the last 30mins the clouds didn't cover it up even though there had been none all day but it was still nice to sit and see right from the very top of this temple. 

One thing for some of them a scarfe or shall is not good enugh to cover your shoulder with some will only let you in with an actual t-shirt or jacket. 

For a map and temple names and sites check this website out -

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