Saturday, 27 September 2014

Review of the sleeper train in Thailand

For some reason I keep putting this blog post off and I don't know why it's easy and simple enugh to write about. 

So where to start well it was the over night train from Bangkok to Chiang mai and took around 12 hours we set off from Bangkok train station at 5:30pm to arrive in Chaing mai at 7am but it dad have a few stops before it really got going. 

The raining I give the over night train all together is 4 out of 5 as it was very clean, and had everything you needed people coming round with drinks and food for dinner and breakfast the seats were comfy and large only 2 to an area and you could have easily fitted 2 to a seat. The beds were comfy when put up around 8pm when dinner had finished unless you asked earlier, the top bunk was a tad smaller than the bottom but felt just as comfy and just as clean and remarkabley I felt really safe when I was on the top bunk going I didn't roll over or fall off or anything lol you got clean fresh out of the back bottom sheets, pillow case and blanket so I didn't feel wired using an old muky sheet. On the way back I had the bottom bunk and again felt safe and was a bit bigger so I had more room to spred out and put my bags behind me so no one could touch them, I would recomend doing this with your valuables as you never know on things like that. There was an English toilet and an Asian toilet on the train so just make sure to go to the right one as people said the Asian one was horrible. I also took snaks and drinks so I didn't have to pay the train prices for food plus it was mixed reviews off people about the food some liked it some didn't. I guess it depends on how fussy you really are with food. I slept the whole night on the train and didn't wake up till the man woke me up to put the beds back I had one of the best nights sleep I must say. So I would personaly really recomend the night train to Chiang mai it will save you money and it is really good quality. 

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