Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Day 38 castaway island!

Today I did a boat trip to see the castaway island, snorcaling and go to a village and see a cava ceremony it cost me $209 and was done by sea spray the weather was against us really the water was soo choppy and it was really chilly when you were out sailing away as he sun was behind some big clouds all day. But the boat trip was still good and I loved seeing the cast away island with some props still there or recreated what ever it was good to see them where they would be ^^^ the water was way too choppy for me to go snorcaling so I skipped that n just looked around the island it was amazing to see I can't wait to get home and re watch the cast away n see if I missed anything :) 
any way the boat trip it's self was fun and the staff were really friendly playing on their guitars singing away to take the time of the sailing away with a free bar with soft drinks, bottle water and beer and wine they also had fresh fruit, biscuits/cakes, and a BBQ lunch what was yummy with no skimping they had tons of everything to go around. The next stop was to another island to see a village and go to a traditional cava ceromany and buy gifts and things from the ladies in the village I naught a few things just as it was cheap and you were helping them out but they did have nice things so I didn't buy anything I didn't like. 
The cava well that was an aquierd taste to me it was a mix of dirt and chalk in water and made my mouth all numb and left the worst after taste ewww they gave you lods to drink as well and you can't leave some so I had to just keep drinking and look like I enjoyed it and say vanaka (thank you) I wanted to see a real ceromany and I did and taste it but I don't think I'll be trying it again lol after doing this we headed back to mana island to get the ferry back to our island as all the islands are different distances away we had to get the ferry to mana island to get on to our boat to go on the sea spray trip this was all in the price. 
We made it back for dinner and sat and had some cocktails and watched some Fiji dancers normal and fire dancing it was a nice end to the day we had seeing more traditional things. 

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