Sunday, 5 October 2014

Day 4 in Sydney | day 33 | blue mountains |

Today we headed out to the blue mountains 2 hours out of Sydney by train and this costs $17 return (so cheap I can't believe compared to all the other trains that are much shorter distance) and they come every hour ad 18mins past from central station it has a lot of stops and I think this is what makes it such a long journey but it is worth it for such a cheap ride once we got there we didn't do the hop on bus or anything as it was a waste of time and money as you just got straight out of the station walk down the hill on the Main Street once you get to the bottom there are signs everywhere telling you what direction to go to get to what bit of the mountains all together to get to any part of the areas it's about an half an hour walk all down hill on the way but all up hill on way back. We went to see the 3 sisters first as there is a good view point and walks to do from that area to the other side or to the bridge at the 3 sisters after looking in this area we took right on to a shorter path that took us on a much quiter walk with less people and you got to see this view that you can see in the picture^^^ this was only a short 10min walk the other walks you can do are much longer but this took you to the other side where you can get the gonadal ride to the senic world with all the ride things to get you to the mountain and bottoms and also right near the falls and the cascade. The down fall to this rout was the huge hill we had to get up to, to get back to a smaller but longer hill to get back to the main town. We went to a little caffe up the hill there is tons to pick from and we got a kangaroo burger to try and I did not like it at all not very nice in my opinion, not quite a burger more a small stake on a bun :/ the trains going back are ever hour also at 15mins past and again takes 2 hours so we didn't get back till 6pm and I had to move hostel as my days had ran out so I had 3 more nights booked at base hostel about 10 to 15 mins away from wake up! Just down George street and when you get to town hall station it's right behind it on Kent street so not far even with my back pack :) I don't think it's as good as wake up in my opinion but people hear say they think it's better I don't I think it's a lot more run down and old doesn't feel as knew or clean or as organised and I didn't feel the staff were as helpful but it is cheaper and they have good offers for things and free walks like wake up and have a club attached but it's not the hostels. In all I would give the hostel maybe a 3 out of 5 where as wake up I would give a 5 out of 5 but I think I'll do a separate post about the hostels what I think and what they had to offer etc. 

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