Saturday, 11 October 2014

Happy Fiji day!!! Day 40

Friday 10th October 2014 

Today was Fiji day so the hotel had lots of free things going on to celebrate this like a flag raising ceromany, cooking lessons of their Fiji day national dish, free cake, cava ceromany, Fiji history talk and coconut ring making we kept going up and watching having a look at it all eating free Fiji day cake and trying the food but other than do theese things we chilled and sun bathed mostly. 
Me and Emma (one of the girls I met) hired a paddle board and attempted to do it, if you don't know what this is then it's the thing with a surf board like thing and a paddle and you stand on it and paddle your way around the sea. it's so much harder than you expect the water did get quite rough at one point too so that made it harder, it's easy to get up but then once your up the waves rock you down lol Emma was quite good she could stand and stay for at least 5 mins at a time mine was more like 30seconds at a time before I fell in to the sea but I kept trying and I just blame the fact that the sea wasn't that calm and I kept been knocked off by the waves. 
The blog posts I'm doing lately are so short but when all I'm doing is chilling and sun bathing there really isn't much to write about to tell you or help out with prices and times but anything I do I let you know so I'm sure they will be much longer when I get to USA as I'll be doing more things and less chilling. Plus tomorrow we've booked a taxi to take us around differnt places for $50fiji each for all day so I should have lots more to write about then and I'll not let it spill yet so then there's more for you all to find out. 

P.s we had to pay our mojito tab tonight with dinner :( sad times I thaugh we got away with that lol. 

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