Sunday, 21 September 2014

Day 20 nyang yuan island

As I said yesterday we booked a trip to nyang yuan island with snorcaling if you check my last post it has all the details about the trip including prices and times but we did stop at more places to snorcle than I said yesterday but I can't remember the bay names to the other ones but they were all just as good. I would really recomend this trip as when we got to the island we found there wasn't much other than some exspensive bars and restaurants so paying 500 return on a boat plus the 100 island fee and food and drink it would have worked out much more than 800 like we paid. The staff on the boat were very friendly and accommodating and the trip was an all round fun day that was really worth the money we paid. 
The island it's self was one of the most beautiful islands I have ever seen, it was very calm and relaxing and looked just like an excluded tropical island. We walked all the way to the view point of the island to get an amazing view even though we did get lots of bites from this and was very hard to do in the heat as it's steps all the way up and then when you get to the top you have to do a bit of rock climbing to get to the top rock to see the view, it was amazing but if you are verry unfit like me or have asthma it can really tire you out with how hot it was and how steep the steps really are. 

Up at the top of the view point on nangyuna island 

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