Saturday, 27 September 2014

Days 25 and 26 sight seeing to the max

25th - So I missed another day I know but I really didn't do much other than a bit of laundry a walk to the local 7/11 and have a shower and bed oh and watch some soaps on YouTube I just had a relaxing day really after all the hassle in the airport and I felt much better for it the next day let me tell you. I did also fly with Malaysia airways and I was a bit nervous after all the latest new about them but I'm ok and the food on flight was amazing the first full meal I've ever in my life eaten on a plane kid you not and it was yummy (pasta and chiken) I also got a taxi from the airport to the city centre when I landed I had to pay 2RM to the Lady at the taxi stand and then ended up costing me 70RM something not the 13RM I'd seen on someone's blog this is around £13 I think could be more depending on the day. 

Small hotel review 
After the few days I've had I also upgraded my room too so it had free wifi, air con and a tv with privet bathroom. Much better and for 4 days it cost me 200RM around £37 so not too bad the hotel is clean and friendly staff and quite nice not like what I had read on trip advisor I have got a front room what is on a main road so there is noise but not enugh that you can not get no sleep it hasn't woke me up so far too so I don't know what some people were on about. The hotel is called cintamani travellers lodge they have all sorts of room options including shared rooms. It's a small walk around 3mins from Masjid Jamek station this can get you to the centeral station and to the station near the towers.

26th -  I decided to walk to the towers I just followed the direction I saw them in and once you get on the right road it's one long road no need to trun off until you get to the towers and then your there anyway. This took me around an hour but on the way back as I knew where to go probably 30mins maybe not even that. 

It looks far on this map I looked on but I can assure you it's not that far at all and I'm not sure if I followed all the right directions but I thaugh I'd put it on if you want to see a right map lol 

But I did get told that there is free shuttle busses for different areas of the city from the bus station not far from the train station but I didn't look for it so I can't tell you how far away it is from the hotel. 

I set off for the towers thinking it would take me much longer and got there for around 11:30 I would wait a bit later even if it's your first time looking for them as it's not hard to follow the direction they are in, I just found it hard killing time there as I wanted to spend the whole day so I could see the towers at night, there is a huge shopping Center attached to the towers with I think 5 floors but the shops there are the much higher price ranged shops so not for me a backpacker on a budget and I found it hard to locate the food places I wanted took me 2 hour to look for a mc Donald's and I still never found it and ended up having a Wendy's my first again lol. The tickets do sell out fast but not as fast as some people make out I got mine about 1:30 for a later time and they had a few left but I wouldn't leave it much later to buy them than that. I would also recomend buying the latest one so you can see the city at night as you don't get to spend as long as you want on there just 15mins on the sky bridge and 30mins at the top of tower 2 only plus you can also get student discount with a valid I'd card what gets you 20% off making it 60RM to get in. The sunset isn't whilst 7-7:30pm and as your only aloud a short time it could be hard timing this right but if you do the kl tower too what ever one you do at one time you can do the other at a different one like one in the day one after sun set so you've had 2 views. 
I would buy the ticket like I did then go around looking in the mall having something to eat and looking around the gardens and fountains they are beautiful such a nice place to sit and think I wish we had more parks like that in the uk. 

The fountains are best at night once the lights come on than during the day. Also if your doing the twin towers at night I would take this time to go to the kl tower so you get to see the city during the day this one is much cheaper and you have a few more options like an open air deck, observation deck and and a revolving 360 deck reservation needed as it is a restaraunt you also get student discount here too costing me only 40RM 10% off I only did the observation deck but you can do bundles as well as including the aquarium they have and the BASE jumping lol (your looking at the scenery and all of a sudden a person is falling in front of you lol) it is up a hill and I did think of turning back but it's not far at all from the towers so if your doing it all in one day like I did accidentally this is the best way. The BASE jumping was very cheap too I wish I had the guts and I would have done it they said this is where they do the BASE jumping championships! 

The view of the twin towers from the KL tower. 

To kill some time after I had done both sets of towers to wait till night time to see everything light up I went to the dome restaraunt right next to the fountins outside (there is an inside too) it was really yummy food but the service was terrible it I'd did the trick to kill time. 

I also went to the traders hotel right across from the towers you can get to this by the gardens and conservation Center to go to the sky bar but to get the best seats you need to make a reservation and it's a long list so if you know your going I'd make it before you got to Malaysia. It is amazing looking inside with a pool too but it is very busy. 

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