Friday, 19 September 2014

Day 19 koh Tao

Today we have come to the island of koh Tao it cost us 600 baht each for one way and took around 1 and 1/2 hours by ferry so far I like it much more than koh Samui how ever there is less sight seeing things to do and more about the snorcaling and diving, it is more exspensive here than on koh Samui the room are on avarage 700 - 1,000 baht a night but we found a very small place that also has it's own restaurant for 600baht a night all prices are based on 3 people sharing for 1 person it is more like 500 a night and for 2 it was 600 a night so made more sence to share and find a cheap one. Even the 7 elevens here are more exspensive for example normal ya large bottle of fanta is 28baht here it is 32baht and same with the toasties 25 normally 33 baht here. 
But so far it is much more relaxing with better beaches and more things like restaurants and bars too chose from. We have booked and paid for a trip to koh nang yuan this cost us 800 baht each this included the entry fee to the island 100, the boat to and from the island as well as stopping at aow muang ( mango bay ) and stopping to snorcle at different locations with use of there snorcaling equipment, it also included lunch, tea or coffe, fresh fruit and water. So all in all a good deal considering it would cost you 500 each to get there and back to the island plus a 100 to get on to the island plus food and drink and only that one place you stop at where as this one stops at different locations for snorcaling. The trip starts at 10am and gets you back for 4:30pm as the island close at 5pm. 

This was my view as I was writing this on the beach so peaceful and quite and very empty at this end. We had the best pancakes for dinner from a street stall man he had the most choices of toppings I have seen so far from the pancake men in Thailand I decided to go wild and have bannana, Nutella and peanut butter it was yummy as. We haven't decided so far what to do later or tonight but I think we want to rent some scooters or something and explore the island more.

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