Sunday, 21 September 2014

Day 21

Today like a lot of this a lately has been a nothing much day as all we have have done really is travel back to koh Samui get to the same hotel we were in last time were were hear and go out for some food. We did try some shark when we went for dinner though and this was at the sunset restaraunt right on the corner of the beach in nathon - the place we are stopping in koh Samui it was reasonably priced and was yummy but had no ice cream left and that was all they had for deserts anyway :( 

The hotel we are stopping at is called wang bua house (hotel) it is a nice little lady that owns it and it is right off the street down a gravel road only a short 2 minute walk to the beach front to the bars and restaurants. It cost us 750 baht for all 3 of us with free wifi, hot water, tv, air con and free tea and coffe on a morning it is very clean and such a nice hotel for so little if you are stopping in nathon in koh Tao I would recomend this hotel to stay at, it's not far from much the beach one side the shops and things the other side and only a 5 minute walk from the main piers you get from don sack to koh Samui so it is great location. 

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