Monday, 29 September 2014

Days 28 and 29 I'm so lazy and yet more traveling!

So on day 28 I litrely did nothing I decided that the botanical gardens were too far away to walk and to just save my money and get some dinner and sit and watch movies all day lol I had mc d's again btw how much of a fatty am I at this point it was 2 days in a row plus a Wendy's the day before lol oh well the heart wants what the heart wants lol so seen as all I did is watch movies I'll recomend some that I watched - oblivion, this was a good film I have watched it about 3 times in 2 days but the first 2 times I was doing things so I didn't get the gist until I watched it a 3rd time with no interruptions and as it happens it was worth a watch in the end lol and then another I really enjoyed and stopped face booking and everything lol this was the prestige it's one of those films you have to keep watching to keep up with it because if you miss something your lost for a long time I loved it that much I can't wait to get home and see if I can buy it to watch again and make other people watch.

So today so far I have don't nothing really again I didn't set off to the airport till 2:30 on the train I had to get the train (LRT) from the station near me this was the (I've forgot now but I'll add when I find the map out again I think it's in my big bag) but this cost me 1.30ringett to the centeral station and then from there I got the KLIA train to the airport this cost me 35ringett and took 28mins and come I think every half hour I got the 3pm train I then sat around found a mc d's again lol got my 3 hours free wifi and then went to check in but I had to do online check in at the till things and then do normal bording to drop my bag off this was just a hassle took time to figur out the till things and then when I went to the baggage drop he then wanted to do what they normally do at check in and look at my pass port and then re print me another bording card just a waste of time and paper if you ask me! My fligh is now delayed by an hour but people are still rushing into the bording area and there is still another hour and half yet so I'm writing this till there is no que to go and board no point standing around when the plane is not even there yet lol 

My view right now for you all. 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Check out my eating scorpion video and more on my YouTube now :)

Find lots more from my travels on my YouTube too filming things that just work better as a video rather than a picture and telling you more about things when I can :) my newest one from Kuala Lumpur has just gone on right now check it out also x x x

Day 27 what to do ???

So today for some reason I was way too shattered to do much I guess it's because I managed to do 4 days worth of sight seeing in 1 day lol all I've done Is look for a post office to post some of my gifts home this cost me 33RM not much really just in case some of them I couldn't get in to Sydney I thaught it was best. I also went to mc Donald's had what I normally had and was stuffed not like me at all I also tried a Darien fruit mc flurry not too bad actually. I think my face book post sums it up for today lol. 

It's also just started raining like really bad with thunder and all that so I'm glad I'm not out and having a bit of a chill day just watched monsters inc too love a bit of disney to make me happy :) I went to the shop got a new flavour of ice tea and some Hershey's chocolate milk shake hope it's better than the other days and some cookies for tonight and there is also hangover 3 on hbo tonight so I'll be watching that last night I watched White House down I really enjoyed it I didn't realise what film it was till right at the end and was like oh this has just come on ske movies lol my mum was right having the tv on as background noise really helps :) so yer a bit of another boring day but I feel like it's needed it saves me some money and I haven't had a nothing day in so long. It's also been good to get some blog post done what I've needed to do and catch up with :) 

Review of the sleeper train in Thailand

For some reason I keep putting this blog post off and I don't know why it's easy and simple enugh to write about. 

So where to start well it was the over night train from Bangkok to Chiang mai and took around 12 hours we set off from Bangkok train station at 5:30pm to arrive in Chaing mai at 7am but it dad have a few stops before it really got going. 

The raining I give the over night train all together is 4 out of 5 as it was very clean, and had everything you needed people coming round with drinks and food for dinner and breakfast the seats were comfy and large only 2 to an area and you could have easily fitted 2 to a seat. The beds were comfy when put up around 8pm when dinner had finished unless you asked earlier, the top bunk was a tad smaller than the bottom but felt just as comfy and just as clean and remarkabley I felt really safe when I was on the top bunk going I didn't roll over or fall off or anything lol you got clean fresh out of the back bottom sheets, pillow case and blanket so I didn't feel wired using an old muky sheet. On the way back I had the bottom bunk and again felt safe and was a bit bigger so I had more room to spred out and put my bags behind me so no one could touch them, I would recomend doing this with your valuables as you never know on things like that. There was an English toilet and an Asian toilet on the train so just make sure to go to the right one as people said the Asian one was horrible. I also took snaks and drinks so I didn't have to pay the train prices for food plus it was mixed reviews off people about the food some liked it some didn't. I guess it depends on how fussy you really are with food. I slept the whole night on the train and didn't wake up till the man woke me up to put the beds back I had one of the best nights sleep I must say. So I would personaly really recomend the night train to Chiang mai it will save you money and it is really good quality. 

Days 25 and 26 sight seeing to the max

25th - So I missed another day I know but I really didn't do much other than a bit of laundry a walk to the local 7/11 and have a shower and bed oh and watch some soaps on YouTube I just had a relaxing day really after all the hassle in the airport and I felt much better for it the next day let me tell you. I did also fly with Malaysia airways and I was a bit nervous after all the latest new about them but I'm ok and the food on flight was amazing the first full meal I've ever in my life eaten on a plane kid you not and it was yummy (pasta and chiken) I also got a taxi from the airport to the city centre when I landed I had to pay 2RM to the Lady at the taxi stand and then ended up costing me 70RM something not the 13RM I'd seen on someone's blog this is around £13 I think could be more depending on the day. 

Small hotel review 
After the few days I've had I also upgraded my room too so it had free wifi, air con and a tv with privet bathroom. Much better and for 4 days it cost me 200RM around £37 so not too bad the hotel is clean and friendly staff and quite nice not like what I had read on trip advisor I have got a front room what is on a main road so there is noise but not enugh that you can not get no sleep it hasn't woke me up so far too so I don't know what some people were on about. The hotel is called cintamani travellers lodge they have all sorts of room options including shared rooms. It's a small walk around 3mins from Masjid Jamek station this can get you to the centeral station and to the station near the towers.

26th -  I decided to walk to the towers I just followed the direction I saw them in and once you get on the right road it's one long road no need to trun off until you get to the towers and then your there anyway. This took me around an hour but on the way back as I knew where to go probably 30mins maybe not even that. 

It looks far on this map I looked on but I can assure you it's not that far at all and I'm not sure if I followed all the right directions but I thaugh I'd put it on if you want to see a right map lol 

But I did get told that there is free shuttle busses for different areas of the city from the bus station not far from the train station but I didn't look for it so I can't tell you how far away it is from the hotel. 

I set off for the towers thinking it would take me much longer and got there for around 11:30 I would wait a bit later even if it's your first time looking for them as it's not hard to follow the direction they are in, I just found it hard killing time there as I wanted to spend the whole day so I could see the towers at night, there is a huge shopping Center attached to the towers with I think 5 floors but the shops there are the much higher price ranged shops so not for me a backpacker on a budget and I found it hard to locate the food places I wanted took me 2 hour to look for a mc Donald's and I still never found it and ended up having a Wendy's my first again lol. The tickets do sell out fast but not as fast as some people make out I got mine about 1:30 for a later time and they had a few left but I wouldn't leave it much later to buy them than that. I would also recomend buying the latest one so you can see the city at night as you don't get to spend as long as you want on there just 15mins on the sky bridge and 30mins at the top of tower 2 only plus you can also get student discount with a valid I'd card what gets you 20% off making it 60RM to get in. The sunset isn't whilst 7-7:30pm and as your only aloud a short time it could be hard timing this right but if you do the kl tower too what ever one you do at one time you can do the other at a different one like one in the day one after sun set so you've had 2 views. 
I would buy the ticket like I did then go around looking in the mall having something to eat and looking around the gardens and fountains they are beautiful such a nice place to sit and think I wish we had more parks like that in the uk. 

The fountains are best at night once the lights come on than during the day. Also if your doing the twin towers at night I would take this time to go to the kl tower so you get to see the city during the day this one is much cheaper and you have a few more options like an open air deck, observation deck and and a revolving 360 deck reservation needed as it is a restaraunt you also get student discount here too costing me only 40RM 10% off I only did the observation deck but you can do bundles as well as including the aquarium they have and the BASE jumping lol (your looking at the scenery and all of a sudden a person is falling in front of you lol) it is up a hill and I did think of turning back but it's not far at all from the towers so if your doing it all in one day like I did accidentally this is the best way. The BASE jumping was very cheap too I wish I had the guts and I would have done it they said this is where they do the BASE jumping championships! 

The view of the twin towers from the KL tower. 

To kill some time after I had done both sets of towers to wait till night time to see everything light up I went to the dome restaraunt right next to the fountins outside (there is an inside too) it was really yummy food but the service was terrible it I'd did the trick to kill time. 

I also went to the traders hotel right across from the towers you can get to this by the gardens and conservation Center to go to the sky bar but to get the best seats you need to make a reservation and it's a long list so if you know your going I'd make it before you got to Malaysia. It is amazing looking inside with a pool too but it is very busy. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Amazing what a bit of research can do

So as I've had a few down days I felt like I wasn't looking forward to Kuala Lumpur as I did not know what to expect I wasn't sure on my hotel choice etc but after getting a bit of wifi looking at the exchange rate and looking up my hotel and how to get there and found that it's in good location to most things I want to see and only 15mins from the airport I feel much better knowing I'll have enugh money on me and that the hotel has other room options available so I'm going to ask if I can upgrade if I'm not too keen on the room I was given. I really need to get some washing done too but I don't think any of the rooms have balconys so we shal see what happens there. At the minute I'm using a bit of free wifi near burger king with no time limit on floor 2 it's not brill to face time but ok for facebook and things I'm soon going to be checking in after my 2 day airport holiday lol so I thaught I would sort all this before going to the other side as I'm not sure if there will be free wifi. All the check in times on the board are from 8:55am so I'm just waiting a little longer before going back up to check. My flight is only a short one 2hour 10mins on Malaysian airlines :/ fingers crossed right there and I will be having my phone next to me ready to turn on if need be lol I'll post the blog now but if I get more free wifi later I will be adding more and re posting :) 

Day 22

I know this is in the wrong order but I really wanted to write my days 23 and 24 first and as I didn't do much other than travel on day 23 I thaught it would be ok to do it in this order. 

So for day 22 litrely all we did was travel we got up for 7:30 so we could walk to the pier and get our ferry to suratani from koh Samui this was a hour and half ferry then a coach to the airport this was another hour and half. We had a bit of sitting around and waiting before we could check in as it was only a domestic flight your only required to arrive 1 hour before your flight and because of the coach and ferry times we arived 2 hours before, the same before we flew with nok air it was an hour fligh back to Bangkok to say this is a cheap airline you get a lot for the £20 you pay, free 15kg checked in lugage, a free snack and water on the plane and free wifi when in the airport it's really good value for money. We then got a taxi from the airport to koh San road and I'm sure he took us the long way round as he was on meter. The only other thing we did that day was go for a meal to a really yummy Indian and have a good look round the shops for some last min souvenirs. 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Days 23 and 24 arriving a day early to the airport!

So I know I've missed a few days and I really don't know what I did on the days as to why I missed them but whilst I'm hear at the airport for yet another 20 hours! After sending last night hear too I think I'll have lots of time to write more blog posts to make up for missed days. 

23rd - So yesterday we looked around for the cheapest taxi or tuk tuk from koh San road to the airport (the big main one) and no one was going lower than 400 and we know it doesn't cost that much as it's not half as long of a journey than some have been for less, so we ended up getting a shared mini bus for 100 each much better and it wasn't full too so bonus for us. It took us around 30mins to get to the airport including a small amount of traffic. I had decided to come early yesterday so I could save money on a hotel room that I would have to give up really early and I would have to get up even earlier so I decided to tag along with Sophie and Luke and wait it out until the next morning for my plane to Kuala Lumpur. When we arrived there chek in wasn't open for another hour so we decided to finish off our game of monopoly we had started the day before when traveling (it's good to kill time) once they had checked in we set out looking for somewhere to eat and Burger King was our choice as mc d's was on the other side :( and they were staying out till nearly bording time with me, so this was the very first Burger King I've ever had and I wasn't too sure about the look of the burgers so I went for the king sized chiken nugget meal this meant I got a really large fanta to last me a while (good thinking batman) ;) when I left Sophie and Luke for bording (sad times) I tried to connect to the internet and found an ict free wifi connection thing so I assumed it was for all the time I could see where it said for 1 hour so I wasted most of it by just checking on face book and instergram, how annoying and as soon as it decided to disconnect my dad started ringing me on face book to talk so I sorted panicking looking for more free wifi and I managed to find a 2 hour one but I've never seen an airport with so many wifis but no way to get the pass words or pay for it so crap! So anyway I used this to talk to my dad for a bit and then knowing I was planning on face timing my mum too I decided to look for some more wifi where I could pay or something as I knew I had time to kill to ring at the right time in England but I couldn't see any caffes or things that offered it free when you buy something so I asked around and the only place I can buy it was in a far corner of the airport on the 4th floor right past letter Q check in for 100baht for 20 mins (doesn't last long at all) it's a computer caffe but they have wifi also. 

I know for a fact I still had some of my 2 hour wifi left as I only used around 1hour 30mins but it wouldn't let me back on! I ended up paying 600baht just for wifi! £12!!! And then around 9:30pm the 1 hour free wifi I used before let me on without a pass word and username and I was on for around 3 hours with out it disconnecting so I wounded if that's because the airport is quiter then or they had a problem whatever I'm glad I got it and hope it does the same tonight as it's not too bad in the airport when you have internet but without it time drags. In the area where the internet was there was one small row of seats that were perfect for me to get comfy on it was a bit darker than the rest of the airport, much quiter and felt safer as that's all what was there so I plan to get the same seats tonight, hopefully finger crossed. I had to go to the loo around 10:30pm ish and lot my seat for about an hour to some very loud and huge group of Chinese people I was not impressed as I was getting verry tired too. When I did try to get some sleep I actually had a better nights sleep than I expected I did wake up a few times and checked everything but by the time I woke up properly it was 6:30am and I only woke up at this time as the cleaners sat on my chairs and started having a good old chat! 

This now leads us to today the 24th after I looked at the check in boards and couldn't see mine anywhere I decided to just sit down and sort my things out whilst doing this I noticed my hotel in Kuala Lumpur was booked from the 25th and I was like oh well I'm going to have to pay for an extra night I must be stopping for 5 days and then I looked at my flight ticket and realised that I had booked it right it was me that was at the airport a day too eraly or 2 days if you count the day before. At this point I just panicked I couldn't get a cheap enugh hotel near and the cost to get back to koh San road and back was going to be too much the whole reason of coming early in the first place was to save money but I haven't done that too well after paying for all the internet but anyway it just made me feel gutted and upset I just wanted to go home so bad I wanted to cancle the whole thing I walked around all the airport trying to figur something out look to buy tickets home (uk) I texted my mum and dad saying I wanted to come home I was in tears :( I don't really know why it's not like I had missed my flight I was just extra early but for some reason it just made me so upset and wanting to go home so bad, like every time I've thaught I feel lonely and wanted to go home this was now a good reason to and it's not but at the time it felt like it. 

After buying yet more internet only 20mins not long enugh when your in tears to phone my dad he calmed me down and re assured me that it was ok and how much I would lose if I came home now I felt a lot better and just decided to make it yet another adventure and right about it for you guys and do a video to match to keep me entertained whilst I have no free wifi, I think it was more the panic and loneliness getting to me more than anything sometimes I wish I hadn't done it on my own but I don't wish I hadn't done it at all I honestly thaught it would be so easy for me to do on my own having left home and going to uni for 3 years and not wanting to stay at home anyway but it's a different kind of lonely because all things can go wrong and will and when your on your own first timer traveling it feels like a disaster as you have no one to blame or get lost with it's just you and the only contact is on the internet and when you don't have that it's upsetting. I think and hope I'll feel a lot better when I get to Australia as it's more of an English speaking country and more westernised and I think it will feel more normal and less like I'm on my own in a strange country and more like I'm just at home on my own. 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Day 21

Today like a lot of this a lately has been a nothing much day as all we have have done really is travel back to koh Samui get to the same hotel we were in last time were were hear and go out for some food. We did try some shark when we went for dinner though and this was at the sunset restaraunt right on the corner of the beach in nathon - the place we are stopping in koh Samui it was reasonably priced and was yummy but had no ice cream left and that was all they had for deserts anyway :( 

The hotel we are stopping at is called wang bua house (hotel) it is a nice little lady that owns it and it is right off the street down a gravel road only a short 2 minute walk to the beach front to the bars and restaurants. It cost us 750 baht for all 3 of us with free wifi, hot water, tv, air con and free tea and coffe on a morning it is very clean and such a nice hotel for so little if you are stopping in nathon in koh Tao I would recomend this hotel to stay at, it's not far from much the beach one side the shops and things the other side and only a 5 minute walk from the main piers you get from don sack to koh Samui so it is great location. 

Day 20 nyang yuan island

As I said yesterday we booked a trip to nyang yuan island with snorcaling if you check my last post it has all the details about the trip including prices and times but we did stop at more places to snorcle than I said yesterday but I can't remember the bay names to the other ones but they were all just as good. I would really recomend this trip as when we got to the island we found there wasn't much other than some exspensive bars and restaurants so paying 500 return on a boat plus the 100 island fee and food and drink it would have worked out much more than 800 like we paid. The staff on the boat were very friendly and accommodating and the trip was an all round fun day that was really worth the money we paid. 
The island it's self was one of the most beautiful islands I have ever seen, it was very calm and relaxing and looked just like an excluded tropical island. We walked all the way to the view point of the island to get an amazing view even though we did get lots of bites from this and was very hard to do in the heat as it's steps all the way up and then when you get to the top you have to do a bit of rock climbing to get to the top rock to see the view, it was amazing but if you are verry unfit like me or have asthma it can really tire you out with how hot it was and how steep the steps really are. 

Up at the top of the view point on nangyuna island 

Friday, 19 September 2014

Day 19 koh Tao

Today we have come to the island of koh Tao it cost us 600 baht each for one way and took around 1 and 1/2 hours by ferry so far I like it much more than koh Samui how ever there is less sight seeing things to do and more about the snorcaling and diving, it is more exspensive here than on koh Samui the room are on avarage 700 - 1,000 baht a night but we found a very small place that also has it's own restaurant for 600baht a night all prices are based on 3 people sharing for 1 person it is more like 500 a night and for 2 it was 600 a night so made more sence to share and find a cheap one. Even the 7 elevens here are more exspensive for example normal ya large bottle of fanta is 28baht here it is 32baht and same with the toasties 25 normally 33 baht here. 
But so far it is much more relaxing with better beaches and more things like restaurants and bars too chose from. We have booked and paid for a trip to koh nang yuan this cost us 800 baht each this included the entry fee to the island 100, the boat to and from the island as well as stopping at aow muang ( mango bay ) and stopping to snorcle at different locations with use of there snorcaling equipment, it also included lunch, tea or coffe, fresh fruit and water. So all in all a good deal considering it would cost you 500 each to get there and back to the island plus a 100 to get on to the island plus food and drink and only that one place you stop at where as this one stops at different locations for snorcaling. The trip starts at 10am and gets you back for 4:30pm as the island close at 5pm. 

This was my view as I was writing this on the beach so peaceful and quite and very empty at this end. We had the best pancakes for dinner from a street stall man he had the most choices of toppings I have seen so far from the pancake men in Thailand I decided to go wild and have bannana, Nutella and peanut butter it was yummy as. We haven't decided so far what to do later or tonight but I think we want to rent some scooters or something and explore the island more.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Day 18 koh Samui | change of plans |

So today I was supposed to leave Sophie and Luke to head to koh sok national park but after a long decision about the cost of things and the fact I would get in too late from my flight to get my baggage that's in storage, so I got a new flight for £30 to leave at the same time of them and we are staying on the east islands koh Samui and koh Tao this way it is much cheaper for us all and much more better and more fun for me to be with friends. So today we headed to the more touristy area of the island and we are stopping in a nice hotel called the friendship (it has a bar and reseraunt and also sell all tickets for ferrys and tours for the islands) just across from the big budda pier (this cost us 100baht each in a taxi truck thing and was around 20 mins) so we are not far for tomorrow heading to koh Tao. We went across to the beach for the afternoon till it cooled down a bit to head out to the big budda for sun set we managed to get there for 100baht there and 100 back from where we were for all 3 of us, we then went to the Chinese temple only a short 5 min walk away it said it shut at 6pm be we could still get in. Tonight I had a nice English meal and had mince and onion pie and Garvey with mash at a small English restaraunt just up from the budda pier 2 mins away called the bakers dozen it was nice and cheap and all home coked by a nice little English man. And now I am in bed after heading to a 7 eleven for some fanta a huge bottle for 28baht like 56p and writing this before bed as we have to get up early for our ferry to koh Tao so I will say night and write tomorrow x 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Night 16 and day 17 | traveling to koh Samui |

Day 16 - So after traveling back from Cambodia that seem to take ages but at least it was comfy this time we got a hotel just off of koh San road this cost us around £5 each with a fan and free wifi and water it was the star dome or dome star one of the 2 is the right was around lol we headed for something to eat and found a really cheap and yummy Indian we had a huge portion also this was just off of koh San road also. We then went on to koh San road had a rink in a bar waiting for it to liven up a little bit but we had to be in bed erly as we had to get up for the plane, we then decided to eat scorpion or at least try it I think it tastes like very salty gravy and was very hard you can see my reaction on my video of day 16 on my YouTube it's a funny watch. 

Day 17 - traveling to koh Samui this only took one hour on the plane and we booked this with nok air was around £20 with a free snack and water not bad at all, when we arrived at suratani airport we got a bus and ferry combo ticket for 400 baht around £8 this took a few hour but we arrived on koh Samui for 12:30pm so we still had a full day to do things. We decided to walk around to look for a cheap hotel rather than get a taxi to the main touristy area after walking around an hour and in one big circle may I add we managed to get a 3 bed room with free wifi, tea and coffe, hot water and air con for 750 baht so quite cheap and it's off the main road so it's a lot quiter. We had a short walk around after we had refreshed our selfs we went to the beach for a few hours. 

A review for Angkor secret garden inn

On day 16 all we did was travel so I thaught instead of doing a small quick blog on the traveling what I've already done I would write a review for the hotel we stayed in. 

The hotel was called Angkor secret garden inn and was in Siem reap Cambodia it wasn't far at all from the Angkor temples and I'm guessing that's what you would be going for if your staying in that area. For 2 nights we paid $44 dollers this was with a hot shower a double bed and air con in the room with 2 free bottles of water, it also included breakfast and unlimited tea or coffe and free wifi and access to computers. 

The person that sorted me and my friends out was Mr luky and we each gave him a $20 tip as he was just that helpful, friendly, kind and just all round perfect for somone you would want to help you out in the hotel. If you go there I'm sure he will be there as I'm sure he is the manager and he is there 24/7 he helped in the kitchen and surged us food in the restaraunt they have in the hotel and this food was the best I've had so far on my traveling trip it was all fresh homemade, yummy and best of all cheap the most it cost for one thing was $3 !!! My recommendation for food to order is the cream of pumpkin soup and garlic bread and the burger and fries. 

The hotel also have free bikes to use and they have a taxi/mini bus service and a tuk tuk service we used this to go round the Angkor temples for the rent of the tuk tuk it was $15 from 11am till 7pm (you can also do sunrise) and free water at every temple you visit from the tuk tuk person we had mr luky again doing the tuk tuk but there is another person that does this in the hotel. We were short on money for food and lent us some and dropped us off at an ATM after our sight seeing tour this was so nice of him and really was another reason to tip him. He even came up the last temple at sun set with us what was nice. 

The rooms were clean and comfy nothing wrong with them at all had free toiletries a tv and air con, the beds were big and comfy and I had the best nights sleep. 

We also paid up at the end of the stay this was really nice not to be hassled as soon as we got there plus we needed an ATM so this was perfect. We also got a free welcome drink of juice and you have the option to be picked up from the bus station to the hotel free of charge if you know the time and bus number, we didn't so we just got a taxi there they also offer a taxi back all the way to the border for $30 but we got a mini bus that they had posters up for for the whole trip back to Bangkok this was $25 but you have to book the night before as there is only 13 spaces. 

Over all I rate this hotel 5 stars for everything food, helpfulness, cleanliness and attitude the facilities were perfect and this would have been really good for a long stay as well as a short stay it's just off the busy road so you could walk 5mins to the street bars and food stalls if you wish but it just off the way to make it a better sleep with less noise.  I Would recomend this hotel to anyone it is well worth the small amount of money for what you get me and my friends all agree. 

Check out my day 15 travel video on YouTube for a room tour! 

Day 15 | Angkor wat |

The whole reason we came to Cambodia was to see the Angkor wat temples but as we were so tired from traveling the day before we didn't get up to see it at sunrise instead we opted for sun set both are what people flock to at Angkor. We had a delicious breakfast from our hotel included in the room rate and got rid of the other tuk tuk driver by saying we were too sick to go as he was over charging us so we did the tuk tuk service to the temples with the hotel (Mr luky our driver and much more) 

He took us to the first stop to buy our park tickets for the day only entry - there is lots of tickets for different amount of days as there is lots of temples not just 1, we did 4 of them for 1 day this was a good amount of time for  the ones we did and this cost $20. The first temple was the main and most well known Angkor wat this was good but not my favourite as it was jam packed very busy as expected but just not what I was imagining it was also having some work done to it so I couldn't get some photoes (the main ones you would take as well) also as I noticed it is re bult a lot of it it but very badly done some things are in the wrong place you can tell this with the carvings and other bits you can tell things are brand speaking new and had cement all over but still I am glad to have seen it but the much smaller ones I liked the most. 

The next temple was much more like ruins and was covered in trees and just looked a lot more natural and un - touched this one was called ta prohm there are some people selling things (lots actually) and are really good gifts to bring back and you can really barter hard with them I got 3 magnets for 1 doller and a rice paper painting for 2dollers (USD) so I would recomend waiting and getting gifts and souvenirs at theese places rather than shops as you can get a much better deal. 

The next temple again I liked as it looked more old and un touched more of a real feel and not re bult although some of it was, it was a lot less noticeable than Angkor this was a lot more busy than the last one but not as much as Angkor but then again it was smaller but still had ques for pictures as it was the tomb reader one so lots of people wanted pictures in curtain areas and where things were fillmed etc I myself have never seen it but some areas I had my picture had ques so I guess it was a famous area but I just liked it as it looked nice for a photo.  Bantea kdei

Another temple I forget the name of it was a much smaller in size of area but was taller it was good but there wasn't too much to see it only took around 15mins to have a decent look around before we went to our fial temple to see the sun set. It had faces in the pullers lage ones and they were on a lot of of magnets and things so I'm guessing it was a well know one but like I said it's a huge area full of all different sized temples. ( Angkor thom ) 

The last temple we had to climb up a large hill or mountin in my case lol this closes at 5:30 to let anyone else in and then you climb all the way to the top to see the sun set around 6 - 6:30pm this would have been perfect if in the last 30mins the clouds didn't cover it up even though there had been none all day but it was still nice to sit and see right from the very top of this temple. 

One thing for some of them a scarfe or shall is not good enugh to cover your shoulder with some will only let you in with an actual t-shirt or jacket. 

For a map and temple names and sites check this website out -

Monday, 15 September 2014

Day 14 traveling to Cambodia - too much hassle!!!

So day 14 I would like to forget it was the most hastle of traveling I've ever done just for 3 days in Cambodia at one point I wanted to go back to Thailand and that Cambodia was just not worth it ! (Day 15 today I feel much better and glad I did stay) so it starts off not too bad you have to get up erly to get to the train station to buy your ticket and get the train for 5:55am the train departs at this time every day and only cost 48baht (less than a £1) - for more Info check out my earlier blog post about my trip planning to see more details of times, prices and know how. This is what actually happend compared to reasurch. So far this is all correct as before and wasn't too bad then when we got on the train and I know for 48 baht I wasn't expecting much but rock hard seats and jam packed for over 5 hours as the train stopes at every stop on it's way about 40 I'm sure and a cow walkers quiker it ended up taking more like 6 and 1/2 hours with then police moving everyone around for the laugh cramming Thai people all in to 2 carriages and everyone one else into the rest with spare seats just no need at all.

Once we got to piopet we got a tuck tuck to the border or in our case 5 mins walk away! To then have no clue where to go no real signs so we followed the groups of people qued for around 15 mins to get our passport stamped not knowing if we had to do something before or after etc then walked another 5mins to the visa place across the road this was quite simple $20 like I had resourced but then they decided to add on 100baht this was not on the sign and know where I looked before said we had to pay this so I personaly think it was a bit of a scam (if it's not then please let me know) then followed the crowd again thinking we were going to the free shuttle bus but nope to another 30min to 45min que of people to get our passport re checked and fingers scanned. 

After this we finally got to the free shuttle but my friends needed an ATM for the taxi to Siem reap and this took another 30mins as there was no ATMs in this area at all and the banks were being funny. Another tip make sure you bring USD to pay as this is what they want more than there own currency for everything! Bring them in before don't wait for an ATM there is none! Lol 
We then got the free shuttle bus to the bus station and as we were so tired and just wanted to get to the hotel we paid $40 for a taxi to Siem reap as they said they would take us to the hotel and it would be quicker. But it turned out to not be as quick he stopes at shop clearly hopping we would buy something when we had no cash to do so and then when we got into Siem reap he dropped us off with some tuck tuck man and said he can do it free for us if we use him the next day if not we have to pay even though we paid the taxi! Another con right there. When we finally got to the hotel it was like bliss we had deffanetly been tested and rewarded as the hotel was lush so amazing (if you check my video I tell more about the traveling and the hotel with a room tour) I liked the hotel and the person running it so much I am going to write a separate review for it tomorrow I would so recomend it the staff are great and welcoming and accommodating and it's really cheap to stay and for food! 

By the way the tuck tuck man did come back the next day to take us but we said we were I'll and got the hotel to take us to the temples instead lol 

It cost us around £30 that day alone more than what I had spent in 1 week in Thailand! Just in getting there and getting in is quite exspensive in comparison. 

Day 13 nothing much !

Day 13 - was a nothing much day I got back off the sleeper train and went to my next hotel (Siam star) to meet my friends Sophie and Luke for my next bit of my trip traveling to Cambodia (day 14) so all day I litrely did nothing much other than chill and wait but on the night we all went to baiyoke tower what was next to our hotel ( we did this on a purpose) we paid around 400 baht and got a free cocktail with that at the bar we had an amazing view and got a good choice of drinks to pick from seen as they were free. I really enjoyed this tower more than most as there were servile floors you could go on including a bar and a revolving observation deck outside right at the very top. It had lots of other things to look around at like old Thailand things and about the tower, the observation deck goes slow enugh to take pictures and take in the scenery I would recomend doing this as an alternative to the sky bar (hang over tower) we then had a very short sleep as we had to be up for 3ish to get ready and go to the train station for our train to Cambodia and I was shattered after already doing a 12 hour sleeper train. 

The view from above in the tower 

My free pinocolada (it was yummy) 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Days 9, 10 and 11

Hi long time no post lol sorry all the days are in 1 but I've been on a jungle trek and had no iPad or anything to type up I should have too a book and wrote down everything and re typed it up but I forgot sorry about that :( but I'll do my best to sum up the last 3 days in order, but firstly I'll tell you what it was etc it was a trip by G adventures I've wrote about it before as I met my group a few days ago now and wrote about all that but this part was the actual jungle trek bit where we stayed with hill tribes and villages, the trip I would recomend it was so nice to do something different and have my eyes opend and not just do something touristy but the trek part for me as I don't do it as a hobby to start with was a big struggle and I wouldn't recomend it if you are in no way used to walking and trekking or any excercise like me lol some of it was nice and fun at times but when it gets to the hard stuff, up steep hills it gets a real struggle. All the meals were included on this trip but you did have to pay for drinks and water. The meals they provided for us were like huge banquets way too much but so nice evey meal was the same so I can not complain what so ever about the food they even catered for the vegetarians In the group. 

The first day (9) - on the first day we got picked up from the hotel at 9am and took to our first stop what was a local market also a half way stop here we could by snaks and things for the children in the villages, I chose pens and writing pads. We then got back in our trucks we stopped for around 5mins at the tourist police to tell them who was going with pass port copy's so they know who comes back and who's missing etc lol, and took to the next stop this was a very amazing water fall that we all got to swim in and cool off and just have a bit of fun it was picture perfect ! We then went for food another 30mins away or as the locals say 19mins don't ask. We stopped for a yummy dinner fried rice, soup, fruits, spring rolls lots of things (same kind of thing every day in different variations) the final stop after a long and very bumpy ride and a struggle to get up a very steep and muddy hill was the start of our trek. The start I liked a lot it was so amazing to be in the jungle see all the wildlife the noises the scenery everything, it was also fun slipping and sliding around in dirt and streems but then came the hills the small and gradual ones I wasn't too bad with but the steep ones killed me I realised very quickly that this wasn't for me I was so out of breath it hurt and I started panicking and I could no longer keep up with people I hated it and it made me not look forward to the next day at all. 
After a lot of hassle getting to the top we took a long road down now down and along I'm fine with I manage to keep up and can take everything in again I like it but then I started playing I spy and fell over (what on a gravel road of all places after all the obsticals in the jungle I fall on a gravel road) we finally get to the village and have a look around before getting to our tree house shak thing where there was like a dorm room style bedding area where we all sleped together with just blankets on a padded mat on the floor with mosquito nets we also had a large table and seating area where I sat for the rest of the night whilst everyone went in the river and shower thing, as I had cut my knee I didn't want to go in the river water I was also way too tired and in pain to want to move lol the toilet was and Asian style toilet (squatting style) in a shak down a little dirt way. 

The second day (10) - up at 8:30am for breakfast then we gave our toys to the children in the village this was such a nice thing they were so happy to receive cheap plastic toys and balloons so much better than today's children that expect the latest gadget theese children where just so happy to receive anything. starting the 5kilomiter or 3 & 1/2 hours trek that after the first day I was not looking forward to at all this has to be the only bit of the trip I have not liked at all, it was so painful and I did cry more than once but I did mange it I may have been the last and took longer but I walked it just like everyone else! What I i am proud of. To start I did stay with people for the first hour not too bad but again as soon as we got to the steep hills I was dead I dropped way to the back and couldn't breath properly and today was worse as it was a full hour of up hill but felt like 3 hours plus the sun was red hot today and there was not a lot of shade in this part of the jungle. I don't have much more to say about it as it was just a real struggle for me and I didn't enjoy it at all I felt so I'll and upset by the time I got to the others at the elephant feeding and bathing I just kept on walking so I didn't have to duble back on myself as I was that tired already so I was very gutted I missed the elephants, but I did see them I was just in such a wired sad upset hurt mood I just didn't care that I had missed them at the time. 
I sat and had a drink of pop to have some surger in me and we set off another 30mins (I could have just killed myself at this point) to the next village where we were staying. I was in such bad shape it felt like an hour and never ending but I had some company on the last bit what made things that much better that I wasn't last on my own so a big thank you to cat and Emma from my group getting me to the end point. Again this village was the same style next to the river and again I didn't want to risk going in with my cut knee but this place had no electricity so we had lunch by candle light I had a bit of a shower as the water came from a tap and the bed area was a bit nicer this night we all stayed up to play games and chat and was overall a really nice night after a horrible day I had. 

Day 3 today (11) - this was the best day for me 3 hour of no walking at all lol ahhh lush we did however have to get on a slightly sinking bamboo raft I personal enjoyed it took it as a once in life time experience and took in all the scenery of the trip with a rather wet bum the whole way. The other to sets of groups had better less sinking ones than us but hey oh all part of the fun and it was just a bamboo raft like you would think simple and bamboo not much else to it, it felt like we were floating down the amazon until we got rapids and I got soaked it went over my head and we all really thaught our raft was going to sink or capsize at this point lol I saw the first time in my life a full circle rainbow in the sky as it's so humid apparently that's what happens here it was just amazing not many people or places where you can see that or say you have. We stopped for the toilet at another village and the final stop was for lunch I got changed as I was soaking and we got picked up by our truks to take us back to Chiang mai and we got back to the hotel for around 3ish where we all had a good scrub. 

I washed all my things out as everything was dirty and small and I had warn the same things mostly and everything smells much better now and is cleaner I even washed my shoes as they were muddy as for the trekking but they are not dry yet but we get a full day tomorrow before we hear back on the sleeper train. After my shower and whaling things I sat round the pool and chilled for a few hours got in touch with people to let them know I was safe back and then we went out around 7pm ish for food and drinks but I came back erly as I don't really fancy drinking tonight and I'm tired I had to catch up with you guys but my room mate did and I had the only key so I guess I have to stay up so that's why there is so much detail lol I can't wait to have a lay in tomorrow it feels like so long since I got one without the alarm going off. And it's nice to be back in a comfy bed again with air con and not on the floor in hot humid air. 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Day 8 Chiang mai

So to get to Chiang mai we got the over night train that took 12 hours and was quite a good experience I will write a separate blog post about the sleeper train at another time but I would recomend it, it's cheap clean and a new wat to travel. 

We arrived in Chiang mai at 8:15am and took a short taxi ride to our hotel around 20mins had a quick freshen up and chill by the pool before we went off as a group to do our Thai cooking class this is a must it's cheap around 1000 bht £30ish and you learn a whole new style of cooking even if like me your pallet is not quite up to the taste of the food it's still a fun and interesting thing to do whilst your in the food capital of Thailand we made 4 dishes - spring rolls, Thai soup, Thai green curry and pad Thai the pad Thai and spring rolls were my fave :) we got to eat it all to by the way so that was dinner sorted. 

Some of the group opted to look around the area and stay by the pool and me and some others decided to go to tiger kingdom what was amazing the tigers are well looked after and very much awake and not sedated may I add if the didn't want there photo they simply walked away lol a few did this but it was such a fun thing to do and have some great pictures and memory's from it! If you don't mind things like that I would say go do it it cost us around 200baht return taxi and I did the big tiger what was 420baht there was all different sized down to little baby cubs all at different prices and packages to do if you wish to do more than one type of tiger. I loved it and was well worth my money but if it's not your thing then I'm sure it's fine to give it a miss but like I said they were not sudated or in bad conditions they were well looked after. 

6pm we are now having a meeting with our trekking guid for tomorrow telling us what we will be doing what we need etc. 

Tonight we went to the night bizarre had a look round some market stalled I bought myself some really baggy trouser bottoms to be cool and comfy on the trek and traveling what ever really I just felt like I needed some on this trip as I haven't got any really comfy long bottoms.mwe then went to get some food for like a food hall you paide at a till and got a check for that amount to pay at the food stalls but I wasn't that hungry and wanted my sweet fix so I got some ice cream and Nutella bannana pancakes they were sooooo yummy it's unreal! Me and 3 others from the group then went to watch a lady boy show it was free to enter but you had to buy a drink so we got the cheapest Chang beer 100baht it was good more like a cab array show than anything else not quite what I was expecting but I'm not sure what I was really but it was ok, we then come back to the hotel to get a some what early ish night been 11pm already for tomorrow is the start of our jungle trek and that is going to be a lot of hard work and effort lol 

I won't have connection for the next 3 days as we are in the jungle so I will post my blogs and videos as soon as I am back to having wifi so do bare with me a little bit I'm sure you can understand :) night guys x 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Day 7 relaxing before the sleeper train

So today it's still erly so far it's 10:30am I've had my breakfast free all you can eat with the hotel I'm in for my group tour to Chaing mai the group is really nice and have all gone out sight seeing 2 have gone to find there baggage at the airport and chilling by the pool with me later but the rest won't be back till 5 ish to get there bags ready for the train, I'm like I said relaxing by the pool as I've already done everything they are going to do today see the temples and the river etc and I need to save money so it's nice to relax before the train tonight. 

My view right now ahhh so relaxing I don't have to check out till 12pm 

Day 6 Thailand

So after an early start again to head to the floating markets I am now shattered and tired and just want to sleep not a good thing for a backpacker wanting to see things I even have a free massage today and it looks miles away on the map and I can't be bothered to walk it there so I am just sat having a drink now and going to try and get a taxi to my next hotel as it's about 20 mins away hope it doesn't cost too much lol last night I didn't end up going out but I went to the restaraunt in my hotel and had a grilled cheese sarni and a drink n skyped my family. 

Floating market 
I really enjoyed the floating market it was outside Bangkok about 1 1/2 hours there and back I got hotel pick up and drop off and then we got a long tail boate to the market itself where you then had the option to stay for an hour and go on other trips or stay the full 2 hour whitch I did I just sat had a coffe next to the river and took it all in for 150 bht you could get the paddle boat around it what would have been better but since I was on my own and not with more people it would cost me 300bht not that that's exspensive but I was quite happy walking and looking around and sitting I would really recomend doing this as a half day trip if you have some time spare it really is nice and hectic but calming at the same time. 

All I did after was stop for a drink after taking my bag to storage and get a taxi to my next hotel and meet the group, we went out for a meal and some drinks too I tried something new and did not like it lol it was black bean noodles and chicken, the chicken was nice but the black bean noodle was not it was like green absinthe tasted jelly lol eww not my thing. 

Friday, 5 September 2014

Day 5 traveling | 1st full day in Thailand |

So today I over slept first of all lol not a good start but I believe if you sleep in it's because you need it and I did do a full day of traveling yesterday and then out look for koh San road anyway so I first went to the stray Asia place to book my free half day floating market tour and my massage I then got took in by a tuk tuk man and he took me to his friend for a boat trip that I did not want I soon got wise to this and just played ignorant I hate doing this but as soon as you say hi back there on it like I take you hear that temple is not open when it is one man tried doing this in front of the gate of wat po when people were clearly going in! 

So that was my first stop after walking what felt like miles and it was amazing I loved it I even just sat for a bit to take it all in I even got a free bottle of water lol there really so much to look at there and it's a nice place to sit and relax for a bit before going back out to the hectic ness of Bangkok. 

The next place I set off walking to again the same things happend I got stopped and walked miles I'm sure you get the picture now lol I went to grand palace from what I saw on the outside it looked really nice but after walking all that way I was not going to pay 500 bht not that I think it's a lot but all the other places are like 100bht or lower and I only had budgeted so much today and I still wanted to see wat Arun so I just sat down for a bit and started looking for the river to find tha tian a river dock as all different ones do different things apparently so be sure to look for this if you just want to go across the river. This only cost me 3bht each way not bad at all! Wat Arun is right next to the river unlike the other 2 things I went to see that looked like they were on the map but not in real life lol. I decided I would walk up all the steps to this temple they were really steep and really scary and my legs still hurt to climb up the steps now they were shaking so bad the worst part was walking back down them as you had to look down to where you were going scary stuff if your like me and have a slight night issue lol. It started raing and after all that I was knakered so I decided to get a tuk tuk back to my hotel where I am now writing this ( Bhiman inn ) I finally found the free internet so I can upload my blogs and videos so I did that earlier then re organised and packed my bag as I'm using my free lugage storage to store my big bag whilst I am on my trip to Chaing mai so I had to re pack my back pack hand lugage one and if I have to go in my big one one more time I will cry lol 

I don't mind living out of a suitcase but living out of a back pack is horrendous having to re organise every time to make things fit plus it ways a ton! 

I am now waiting for 3pm English time to skype my mum as I haven't been able to get in touch with her so for without internet and I don't want people worrying about me on my own lol I went on earlier to see but I just ended up uploading things as she wasn't there I haven't had anything to eat today so I'm really hungry and was planning to go down koh San road but I'm really tired and i have to wait for 9pm Thailand time to skype my mum and I have to be up early tomorrow so I duno what to do I'll let you guys know tomorrow what I decided. Night all x 

Day 4 | traveling to Thailand |

Ok so there isn't much to say about what I did today other than it felt like all day of traveling! Decided to save money and carry all my bags to the metro and even at 6am the heat was horrendous and then get the metro to the airport this is a lot cheaper if you are near a metro it cos me 4 dh and taxi there cost me 52 dhr so a big saving. And then I was delayed on the plain again an hour late good job I had no connecting flights but I managed to stay awake and watch 3 films on the plane in tears watching the fault in our starts people must have been looking at me like omg why is she crying lol then the grand Budapest hotel and finally malifisent all 3 were amazing I love them plus I got a whole row of seats to my self so I got to be comfy and got more free drinks and hot towels this time plus I got my meal as I wasn't asleep lol. I had transport booked for when I arrived to Thailand much more hassle free I must recomend doing that and then had a quick walk to koh San road to see where it was and I was shattered so I went to sleep and didn't get up properly till 12 lol.

Day 2 Dubai | day 3 traveling |

Ok so I know it's took a long time to get this up but I've only just found the internet at my hotel in Thailand and this was about Dubai so I was only there 2 days and only got to see a limited amount of things but I loved it all the same and would love to go back. I stayed at jormand hotel apartments and the room tour is up on YouTube now as well as footage from other things I did in Dubai. 

There wasn't much to tell during the day that wasn't on YouTube as I just met up with my friends and we chilled by or in the pool as it was soo hot and I am already sun burnt :( but on the night for the second day I had book a desert safari I had booked mine with sta travel like it says in my earlier blog post about what I will be doing in Dubai but there is loads of different ones and all do a simaler thing just depends on price I personally loved my trip I had booked had lots of fun dune bashing and had lots of opportunities to take pictures and my guid was very nice to offer to take them all the time lol I would recomend trainers ans you can't walking in the sand in flip flops and the sand is red hot!!! And water make sure to take that too if your stood taking pictures for too long it gets to you. After seeing the sun set and taking yet more pictures we went to the camp where everything was included unlimited drinks water, soft drinks, tea and coffe alcohol you had to pay for. Also free henna, sesha, dress up in Muslim cloths for pictures and 2 20min shows 1 belly dancer 1 spinner man also had free camel riding. The food was amazing lots to pick from you get a starter and a main BBQ what was so yummy then some fruite and buns I had such an amazing night and all this was one set price £45 including hotel pic up I would highly highly recomend this if you are going to Dubai. 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Day 1 in Dubai

So I arrived in Dubai and the airport is huge I had to get 3 walking escalator thigs 1 lift and a train all just to get my lugage. I got a taxi to my hotel and checked in and got freshened up and then went over to my friends apartment hotel (Sophie and Luke I posted there blog the other month) and we chilled around the pool till around 3 and then got showered and changed and ready to get the metro to the burj Khalifa we managed to get there just on time for 5pm as it was a long a very long walk using the walking escalators to the Dubai mall and to the entrance to go to the top. We picked that time and I would recomend that time as you can get to see the whole of Dubai in free stages day light, dusk/ sun set and night time as you can stay up there as long as you like but do take a bottle of water! 

We then went and got a coffe (very exspensive lol) and waited for our time slot to go on the lake ride to see the musical fauntins we got such a close up view I would highly recomend it when it's only around £11 anyway you get a much better view and experience. When then went around the Dubai mall a quick look as you could spend a month in there no joke lol and then back I was extremely tired when writing this as why it's very quick I will do some better ones and more detail about things at a later date but I had been traveling all day and then sight seeing.

The view from the burj at sunset.