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Travel Planning !!! - U.S.A (Las Vegas)

LA > Las Vegas
After a few nights in LA I’m off to Las Vegas I got all my flights in the U.S.  From skyscanner and were quite cheap around £18 plus baggage and taxes worked out full price around £30 not too badly priced at all!

My first night in Vegas I’m stopping in the stratosphere hotel it was £18 a night but went up the next day as it was the weekend  so I’m moving around a bit but at least I get a bit of glamour and get to say I’ve stopped in a hotel on the strip. Your stay includes admission to the top of the tower plus discount for the rides and things at the top!!! Deal or what (all my stays were from

so on my first day I plan to look around the hotel and the ones close to me as all the hotels in Vegas have amazing things inside them maybe go to the top of the tower during the day and then at night to get some decent pictures and on the night wander out to see the night life (there’s loads) maybe get the monorail around to the other end of the strip. There is too much to do in Vegas with so little time!

The next day I’m moving hotel to a much cheaper one for the weekend and then going to see the Grand Canyon I’m only going on a day trip but it is a must see for me whilst I’m there I found a trip through STA travel and its only £58 I also got £10 off so makes it a bit cheaper as I kept finding very expensive but this seems good :) I’m not doing the sky walk as its too much for my budget and I can’t even take my camera on so I’d rather just have a look the normal way the trip includes lunch and walks to angel point and to a lower part of the canyon.

My 3rd day I’m going to the circus circus hotel and staying so I’m going to see the hotel in that area and further away as well as visit the adventure dome and get my picture at the welcome to Vegas sign. On this day and my first I’m going to try and see and fit in as much as I can so some things may get swapped around but I will be doing this list of things as my main must sees.

List of hotels that I want to see and have things I want to see or do:
Treasure Island
Caesars palace
Bellagio – fountains
Mirage – volcano starts 8pm and every 30mins
MGM grand
Paris las vegas – highe roller ride $19.00
Planet Hollywood
New York new York hotel – Hershey world and rollercoaster
The linq
Showcase mall – M&M world

To get from the airport to the strip I’m using the airport shuttle and that’s around $10. To get around Las Vegas you can get the bus that is $2 each ride or $6 for 2 hours but apparently its very busy with traffic and takes time. But there is the monorail system that runs between hotels it starts from sahara ave to the MGM Grand runs 7am till 12am in the week thurs till 2am and Friday to Saturday till 3am. 1 ride in $5 a 24 hour ride is $12 and a 2 day ticket is $22.

Some good websites/apps:

my Vegas app (Game) & Facebook – you can save up rewards from free games to spend on real things like rollercoaster rides, hotel stays, monorail passes and much more I’ve been playing and using free chips every day since I found out about it and I’m planning to pay for a few activities I want to do using my rewards it’s amazing how much you can get when you keep saving. 

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Travel Planning !!! - U.S.A (LA)

My first stop in America (U.S.A) is LA California I’m only stopping hear 4 nights as it is quite expensive but to save some money I’m stopping in a hostel (USA hostels) a small walk from vine street and only 2 stops on the metro to the furthest stop I need! (UNIVERSAL CITY) a few more stops if I want to go to Santa Monica pier.
On my first day there I am planning to just wonder around and try look at all the free things to see in Los Angeles like:

-          The Holly wood walk of fame
-          Los Angeles County museum of art
-          Walt Disney concert hall (this is out of my way so I will do this another day)
-          Holly wood sign (again this may be a different day)
-          TCL Chinese Theatre
-          Dolby theatre
-          Holly wood boulevard

On day 2 I’m planning to get on the metro and get off at the second stop and go to Universal Studios for the day I may get up early and head for a walk to see the holly wood sign if I don’t get to see it on day 1. I got my ticket from a very good friend but you can get yours from I plan to stay for a while but if I get back with plenty of time or I’m not too tired I may go wondering on the night to see the local night life or go to a shopping centre like the grove or something.

On my 3rd and full day I’m planning to see things I may have missed like the Concert Hall and head to see maybe Malibu and Santa Monica Pier at sunset time so I have a full day to relax a bit more and take time to see thing I have missed or re visit.

Websites that help are:
-  (here you can download and plan your trips on the metro with maps, times and prices all you can print)
- (big list of all things to do)

-          Another thing to use is tripso I use the app but there is maps and all things to do and trips that link back to this is good to find trips and activities in LA and save them all without internet. 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

New Video !!! |Travel Talk 101|

Check out my new Travel Video on YouTube now !!! Travel Talk Need to know 101 Subscribe to my YouTube now for more travel videos to help and daily travel vlogs when i go don't miss out. 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Travel planning !!! - Fiji

Amazing Fiji so nice to relax ... Or is it lol I've looked around and it has loads of things to do so you don't just have to sit round the pool or lay out at the beach. 

For Fiji I've booked a meet and greet and my first hotel through sta (starter pack) it includes transfers to the main port on nadi. 
After my first night I'm going to the Island of .... And spending 2 nights hear I did this as I wanted to do a bit of island hopping but I didn't want to spend all my time doing this and there wasn't a way by sta to just do 2 or 3 days is 4 nights and more. I am also wanting to do some day trips to some of the islands like the castaway island! 

One of the days I plan to go to cloud 9! This is an amazing bar and pizza place in the middle of the ocean sounded by clear blue seas, I found out about this by watching peoples vlogs that's why I recommend you do this! I then emailed the people to see if they do trips and things and they emails back with prices for boats and drink combo packs that are good deals.  -

Photo is from the cloud9 website. 

Another thing I'm doing new here in Fiji and excited but scared to do as a home stay I did this through I'm looking forward to doing this as it's the best way to get to know the local culture and get to know the best places from the loacals (the person your staying with) I've never used and done this before but I'll give a review of how I found it after my trip. I wanted to do this in Fiji as I wanted to find somone who could show me around, teach me new things like cooking and do some traditional things like a cava ceromany and a fire dance show. The person I found offers to do things like this yay. 

I've also looked in to doing some volunteering again I saw this in someone's blog and vlogs and looked like a nice and rewarding thing to do, the only did it for a day but I email the same company and they only do week as the shortest but you can still visit so I guess this is what the other person did. - this was the site I'm sure there is planty more you could pic from if you look. 

Also it goes without saying in a place like this illbe doing lots of snorcaling, water sports, swimming and sunning it up :) 

What other ideas would you say I should do with my time in this amazing place ? 

Travel planning !!! - Australia (Sydney)

Sydney is the first place I'll be stopping in an hostel! I'm quite excited and scared at the same time about this, it's a good way to make new friends but it's something I've never done and scared for my lugage lol I'm sure everything will be fine. The hostel I'm saying at is wake up hostel and is just next to the main train station so that's how I'm getting around, including from the airport. 

I am spending 1 week at Sydney I did want to try and get to Melbourne but unfortunately I can't because of money :( sad times but at least I'll get to have a proper look around! 

One of the main things I'm doing in Sydney and I am so excited for is the Sydney harbour bridge climb! This cost around £150 including 1 group photo and I'm sure you can buy more when you get there not just having to buy the photo pack I booked this through my travel company STA but you can book it on there website or when you get there. - I'd really like to video for you guy in the bridge but I'm not sure this will be possible unless the guide is really nice (fingers crossed) 

There is loads of things you could do in Sydney if only I had the money I'd be doing lots and lots like skydiving, harbour cruse, visiting more places, hot air ballooning and planty more that would be amazing. Find everything to do on there website - 

I will be doing all the tourist things like 
- Sydney opera house 
- the Bay Area 
- Sydney bridge 
- the zoo (to hold and feed the Australian animals like the cualas :) and kangaroos) 
- bondi beach 

I really want to do a surf lesson can anyone recommend a cheap and good one to do? 

I am also planning a day trip to the blue mountains you can get a return train ticket and do the things you want to do for cheaper than a full tour! There's lots to see and do there too check there website for ideas - 

If anyone has more ideas of things I could do please let me know :) x

Friday, 18 July 2014

Travel planning !!! - Malaysia

Ok guys so I am going to be in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) for 4 nights now this wasn't a country I'd really thaught about before so I've had to reasurch all about it and what things to do, but as I had to stop there I thaught I may as well stop for a few nights that's why I'll be there. 

So the first thing I looked into was what was in the city all that jaz and also how I could get to Singapore to have a look at the sights there too as I was in that part of the world I may as well check it out too, get a little taster if you will. 

Kuala Lumpur > Singapore - so I looked at all different ways and the best is buy train or plain! I'm going to be spending a lot of time on plains so I thaught this time I'm going to check out the train from what I've looked at it's cheap enugh and I get to see the scenery! 
Again you can look for the plain on to get it at the best price. 
For the train I've come to the idea it would be best to get when your there as it's cheap enugh. But I would recommend looking for some sort of time tables and price ( the price is around $10 for 2nd class) 👍 ideas off people and blogs just so you can get an idea I found mine at 

Most of the services operate from Stesen Sentral in Kuala Lumpur Sentral.

The stations you need are : Singapore (Woodlands) to Kuala Lumpur (KL Sentral – Sentral Kuala Lumpur)

For information on things to do in both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore visit there tourism websites it gives a good idea of all the things to see and do, and not just the tourist things. 



Some of the things I plan to do or look at in Kuala Lumpur is see and try and get a ticket to up the petronas twin towers the price is around £14 but sells out fast! There is also the botanical gardens what is free of course and there's a hotel opposite the towers with a sky bar and pool what I'd like to go to on a night to get an amazing night time city view with the towers. Another thing to see is the batu caves! 

In Singapore the things I want to see are all mainly free as it the architecture around the Bay Area as there is lots of are and sculpture too. One thing I do want to see and do is go on the flyer (on the bay again) it's just like the London eye but in Singapore it costs around £13 and then you get a lovely view of the city. The Bay Area is the marina area and has lots of things to see and do. 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Check out Where ive traveled so far in my life

Travel planning !!! - Dubai

Hii guys sorry im slaking with the pre travel blogs but im really busy looking for all the info I need for my trip and to get things at the best price!
So I feel I should have done my country trip planning info in order of me visiting but someone countries I got sorted before the others so today’s blog post is for Dubai the first country im visiting on my trip.

In Dubai I arrive at 07:05 on the second on September (I set off on the 1st) I am only staying for 3 days 2 nights so I wanted to pack as in as much as I could without being too compact.

Day 1
so on the day I arrive I am planning to meet 2 friends (her blog I posted last time) on this day I plan to visit the burj khalifa (were thinking going there for sun set!) and the malls, musical fountains just things all in that area. - if you follow this link you can get your tickets for the Burj Khalifa, boat ride on the fountains and a few more things as well is more info up to 30days in advance (this is a little cheaper to buy online)

Day 2
The second day I plan to do some looking around general sightseeing something that is more or less free other than transport and the mode of transport I’m using is the train/monorail as it’s a lot cheaper to buy an all day pass. Nothing better than some nice architectural sight seeing!!! On the night I’m planning on booking a night tour in the desert. You can get this in several places all around the same price but some companies offer slightly different things, I will be booking this but I’m just doing some last minute comparisons and its about £50.

The main thing about this tour/trip other than a few small changes depending on where it gets booked is:
·         5-hour Dubai desert excursion by 4x4 vehicle
·         Take in the views of the golden desert landscape as a guide drives 
·         Visit a camel farm in the heart of the desert and ride a camel 
·         Enjoy an exhilarating sandboarding experience down the desert dunes
·         Get a henna tattoo on your hands or feet, if you wish
·         Enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner under the Arabian stars while watching live folk- and belly-dancing shows

Places to find this trip/tour - trips and tours 
STA travel 

Saturday, 5 July 2014