Thursday, 17 July 2014

Travel planning !!! - Dubai

Hii guys sorry im slaking with the pre travel blogs but im really busy looking for all the info I need for my trip and to get things at the best price!
So I feel I should have done my country trip planning info in order of me visiting but someone countries I got sorted before the others so today’s blog post is for Dubai the first country im visiting on my trip.

In Dubai I arrive at 07:05 on the second on September (I set off on the 1st) I am only staying for 3 days 2 nights so I wanted to pack as in as much as I could without being too compact.

Day 1
so on the day I arrive I am planning to meet 2 friends (her blog I posted last time) on this day I plan to visit the burj khalifa (were thinking going there for sun set!) and the malls, musical fountains just things all in that area. - if you follow this link you can get your tickets for the Burj Khalifa, boat ride on the fountains and a few more things as well is more info up to 30days in advance (this is a little cheaper to buy online)

Day 2
The second day I plan to do some looking around general sightseeing something that is more or less free other than transport and the mode of transport I’m using is the train/monorail as it’s a lot cheaper to buy an all day pass. Nothing better than some nice architectural sight seeing!!! On the night I’m planning on booking a night tour in the desert. You can get this in several places all around the same price but some companies offer slightly different things, I will be booking this but I’m just doing some last minute comparisons and its about £50.

The main thing about this tour/trip other than a few small changes depending on where it gets booked is:
·         5-hour Dubai desert excursion by 4x4 vehicle
·         Take in the views of the golden desert landscape as a guide drives 
·         Visit a camel farm in the heart of the desert and ride a camel 
·         Enjoy an exhilarating sandboarding experience down the desert dunes
·         Get a henna tattoo on your hands or feet, if you wish
·         Enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner under the Arabian stars while watching live folk- and belly-dancing shows

Places to find this trip/tour - trips and tours 
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