Sunday, 20 July 2014

Travel planning !!! - Australia (Sydney)

Sydney is the first place I'll be stopping in an hostel! I'm quite excited and scared at the same time about this, it's a good way to make new friends but it's something I've never done and scared for my lugage lol I'm sure everything will be fine. The hostel I'm saying at is wake up hostel and is just next to the main train station so that's how I'm getting around, including from the airport. 

I am spending 1 week at Sydney I did want to try and get to Melbourne but unfortunately I can't because of money :( sad times but at least I'll get to have a proper look around! 

One of the main things I'm doing in Sydney and I am so excited for is the Sydney harbour bridge climb! This cost around £150 including 1 group photo and I'm sure you can buy more when you get there not just having to buy the photo pack I booked this through my travel company STA but you can book it on there website or when you get there. - I'd really like to video for you guy in the bridge but I'm not sure this will be possible unless the guide is really nice (fingers crossed) 

There is loads of things you could do in Sydney if only I had the money I'd be doing lots and lots like skydiving, harbour cruse, visiting more places, hot air ballooning and planty more that would be amazing. Find everything to do on there website - 

I will be doing all the tourist things like 
- Sydney opera house 
- the Bay Area 
- Sydney bridge 
- the zoo (to hold and feed the Australian animals like the cualas :) and kangaroos) 
- bondi beach 

I really want to do a surf lesson can anyone recommend a cheap and good one to do? 

I am also planning a day trip to the blue mountains you can get a return train ticket and do the things you want to do for cheaper than a full tour! There's lots to see and do there too check there website for ideas - 

If anyone has more ideas of things I could do please let me know :) x

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