Sunday, 20 July 2014

Travel planning !!! - Fiji

Amazing Fiji so nice to relax ... Or is it lol I've looked around and it has loads of things to do so you don't just have to sit round the pool or lay out at the beach. 

For Fiji I've booked a meet and greet and my first hotel through sta (starter pack) it includes transfers to the main port on nadi. 
After my first night I'm going to the Island of .... And spending 2 nights hear I did this as I wanted to do a bit of island hopping but I didn't want to spend all my time doing this and there wasn't a way by sta to just do 2 or 3 days is 4 nights and more. I am also wanting to do some day trips to some of the islands like the castaway island! 

One of the days I plan to go to cloud 9! This is an amazing bar and pizza place in the middle of the ocean sounded by clear blue seas, I found out about this by watching peoples vlogs that's why I recommend you do this! I then emailed the people to see if they do trips and things and they emails back with prices for boats and drink combo packs that are good deals.  -

Photo is from the cloud9 website. 

Another thing I'm doing new here in Fiji and excited but scared to do as a home stay I did this through I'm looking forward to doing this as it's the best way to get to know the local culture and get to know the best places from the loacals (the person your staying with) I've never used and done this before but I'll give a review of how I found it after my trip. I wanted to do this in Fiji as I wanted to find somone who could show me around, teach me new things like cooking and do some traditional things like a cava ceromany and a fire dance show. The person I found offers to do things like this yay. 

I've also looked in to doing some volunteering again I saw this in someone's blog and vlogs and looked like a nice and rewarding thing to do, the only did it for a day but I email the same company and they only do week as the shortest but you can still visit so I guess this is what the other person did. - this was the site I'm sure there is planty more you could pic from if you look. 

Also it goes without saying in a place like this illbe doing lots of snorcaling, water sports, swimming and sunning it up :) 

What other ideas would you say I should do with my time in this amazing place ? 

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