Sunday, 31 August 2014

Day 1| 1st September | flying

1st September 06:47 - got up so early well for me it is and I'm really excited I'm not sure yet if I'm nervous or not I guess time will tell as it gets closer to going to the airport :) my mums not up yet so I thaught I would make a start to writing my blog post for today, I'm not sure how I'm going to keep the set up if I'm going to do a diary style things like this one or just a normal chatty thing I'll try different ones depending on the busy ness of the day and just let me know what one you guys like the most and I'll try and stick to that :) for some reason my nose is running not happy hope it goes that's the last thing I need on the day of travel a cold and it's really dark out still. Remember I will still be doing videos everyday on my YouTube so check that out if one is not up that day it will be because of the lack of internet so please wait and more will be uploaded when I do get wifi :) 

3:05pm - 25 mins till I head for the airport I'm all packed and ready to go :) I've have my dinner and a nice bath so I'm all clean and fresh for the flight tonight. It still don't feel real maybe that will change when I get to the airport lol. 

Ok so it is now 07:03pm and I am sat in the airport waiting to board I've said all my goodbyes and now I feel a bit upset but still very excited and can't wait to get on the plane I've had a gregs sausage roll and a cream bun and ready to chill on the plane and eat my sandwich later on. I'll post this before I get on the plane and start my new blog with the rest of today tomorrow as I won't be able to post whilst on the plane obviously lol. 

I'm off >>>

Agust 31st 1 day to go - Ok so my first day isn't that amazing or fun but I am soooo excited I will be spending my morning checking and double checking that I have everything before my dad picks me up to take me to the airport, my flight isn't whilst 9pm but the airport is a few hour away from me and when I have to set off it will be rush hour so I'm having to set off a lot earlier plus the 3 hour you have to be there to check in. So far I'm not nervous in the slightest and I'm quite excited it feels very unreal and dream like just like how I felt when I went to New York but I will let you know if that has changed tomorrow :) I'll be posting before I go to the airport I think as I don't think there is free wifi at the airport I'm going to and the next post after that will be on the 2nd (depending on internet) I will be writing everyday but some times with the lack of wifi some posts may be posted later with that days so more than one a day x x x

All ready and pampered eye brows tinted and plucked, hair cut and dyed and nails n legs done :) talk to you tomorrow x x x

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

First aid kit for travel

I thaught I would do a quick post showing you what I'm taking on my trp for my first aid kit/ bag I've had most of it some time I used it at uni and taking it on my trip too so I really think it's a good things to take and have no matter what the trip or how long the trip! 

Everything thing in my bag is in the picture above ^^^ some of the things came in a set made first aid kit that I got from my pound shop so it's not exspensive to make one it comes with some safety scissors, non woven pads! bandage roll, tape, cotton wool, alcohol pad, iodine pad and some tweezers.. It also came with some different sized plasters but I've also added some of my own extra ones that I think are better as they are more of and avarage size. I've added a first aid booklet free from St. John's ambulance online, antiseptic wipes (you could use spray if you wish) a small free sample tube of bepamthem cream good for small cuts and rashes, safety pins, eye drops, and all the instructions to go with the tablets I'm taking so I know what's what along with anyone else. Tablets - paracetamol, contoseption pill (girls only lol), dioria tablets (not nice but sometimes needed), hayfever tablets good for other allergies and congestion too, some vitamin tablets and any other medication that you may need from your doctor these are just must haves in my book. I hope this helped and if anyone has any other things they think I should add in it please comment below and let me know :) x 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

What I'm packing ✈️

As I've said I am no way a pro at all this but I decided to show you what I've packed for my trip and when I get back I will let you all know what I was glad I packed and what I wish I hadn't i think it's a thing you have to learn yourself no matter how many people say do and don't take this pack that etc so I hope this gives you an idea of the things you may or may not need or want to pack. 

Let's start with the bag no I am taking a check in bag not just hand lugage it's up to you what you prefer and to alter the things accordingly, but this bag if your looking for a good but cheap large back pack I got mine from sports they have a website and lots of stores all around and they have loads of travel and camping things in store not just sports things. They have a large range of bags to chose from at all different prices, colours and sizes the most expensive one I saw was £60 and was in ... PINK!!! But it was the same size as mine 65 and cost more so I went for the blue green one it cost me £40 ( full price from a different shop is £80 ) and if your from England you will know that everything in sports direct has 50% and more off everything! So they are all expensive brands but half the price! The brand for my back pack is karimor 

I also got the rain cover to go with my back pack and this was £8 discounted obviously at sports direct I would recommend going into your loacal sports direct before buying from the brand shop as you could save loads. 

Inside my bag I've used space saving waterproof bags that are just like the space saving hoover bags but you don't need a hover you roll and squeeze I got theese as they were the cheapest as I got them from the local pound shop but I know a lot of people use the packing cubes and the water resistant bag things that again you can buy from sports direct as I looked at them but it cost the same for one as it did for a set of 3 from the poundshop or wilkinsons. 

Clothes I am packing are all cheap and old so that if they get damaged or ruind I can leave and get cheaper new ones if I need to whilst I am there. I am packing:

- 5 sets of shorts (one dressy for my night outfit) 
- 6 to 7 vest tops I have more as I don't think you can re were them without washing like shorts 
- 2 T-Shirts that cover my shoulders and are baggy 
- 4 cover up tops for over plain vest tops and bikinis 
- 4 pairs of leggings 2 long ankle length and 2 just covering the knee (different colours) 
- 1 linen white full length trousers for cooler weather and cultural 
- 1 harem trousers comfy and good for covering full leg and half 
- 1 full night outfit bright vest top (shirt style) and shorts skirt style 
- 3 & 1/2 bikinis (1 high waisted) 3 normal style to mix and match for different things 1 extra bottoms 
- 2 sets of pjs 1 long length linen trouser and 1 short set both with vest top 
- 7 to 8 underware all comfy may I add lol 
- 1 light scarf 
- 1 large sarong 
- 1 fold away rain coat 

To keep all or most of my toiletries in I got a flogging and hanging bag from primark that cost £6 it doesn't fit everything in but most of what I need to take into the bathroom etc fits and I can too up as and when I need to add more things but this is good for wet rooms and hostel things to just take and hang up with everything you need in. I am also taking lots of spare zip lock bags to keep things in for leakage and things like that. 

Other bits - toiletries and other things 
- small sashayes of face wash, shampoo and conditioner 
- 1 lush shampoo and conditioner bar (for extra) 
- mini bottles of shower gell/ body wash 
- a small pack of cotton buds and some cotton bads in a zip lock bag
- hair things like bobbles, clips/ slides, hair bands (teeth style), crocodile hair grips (large) 
- talcum powder (to use for hair instead of dry shampoo) 
- deoderent 2 small condensed tins (same as large but new style in small form) and one stick style 
- girly things like tampons and pads 
- travel wash 
- 1 face cloth plus some mini pop up cloths 
- 2 different sized travel towels 1 large 1 medium for hair and body 
- things for my eyes like contact lenses and solution 
- small amount of make up 
- insect repellent and for after the bite I'm using wipes and sprays (make sure they contain deet) 

Monday, 18 August 2014

NEW VIDEO - What I'm Packing - Clothes

Check out my new video what im packing this one is just clothes and the next one will be everything else like makeup, electronics and all must haves like shower things etc... wait for it on THURSDAY there will be at least 2 videos up this week (maybe more :) from missing last week. There will be a post at the end of the week in more detail of everything ive packed and how once all the videos are up :) hope you like them and find them helpful!!! 

Instergram lillexy2k7


Check out my instergram for all sorts of images from my travels and more I always post on there so there is always new ones have a sneak peek ... 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

3 in 1 camera connection kit

So I ordered this little bad boy for my trip as I'm taking my iPad I wanted to be able to upload pictures and more importantly videos for you guys here and on YouTube so far I've tested it it out on my main camera and it works !!! It needed a little tweeking video wise as they wouldn't play at first as the video size was to large but I put it down to 720 and it works so I hope the USB bit works for my point and shoot camera but at least I know one works and can get some things up for you :) who needs a huge laptop lol I got this for £9.99 on amazon if anyone is interested for their travels or just want one for everyday it's by kiwibird I'm sure it's easy to find. 

From PC world or apple store you have to buy the SD card and USB slot import things speared and you can't get them together and cost £25 each! So if you want or need both I recommend this little thing all in one and works as well as being cheap.  

So everything is all still on for lots of videos and blogs just hope there is some decent wifi around and they should all be on time too :) x x x

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Travel Planning !!! - U.S.A (San Francisco)

San Diego 
On my way to San Francisco I’m stopping in san diego just for a couple of days as I wanted to go to sea world but at this moment in time I don’t think I’ll have enough money to that so ill spend a few days relaxing or doing something that the hostel offers as the one I’m stopping in offers lots of free activities to do during the day and night. they offer lots of things and is a really good price to stay including meals and activities.

San Francisco

When I get to San Fran I’ve already booked 2 things that I defiantly wanted to do, Another thing I did want to do was to watch a baseball game at A T & T park but bad times for me that baseball season is over in October apparently :( so I guess I just have to look forward to the other two things the first being my trip to … ALCATAZ!!! Very excited about this I’ve always wanted to go hear and to get your ticket at the best price book in advance on the official website

The next trip I’ve booked I did through STA travel when they were offering £20 off trips and that is the full day Yosemite national park trip yay again very excited about this it always looks amazing in pictures and on movies, I can’t wait to see the waterfalls and huge trees so nice.

Along with the booked trips I’ve got there is plenty more things to see and do in san fran like number 1. Golden Gate Bridge. I also want to do Muir woods so I’m hoping I can find a cheap tour to do this also. Here is a list of things that I’m planning to see and do:
Golden Gate Bridge – to see it from a view and walk it
 Fishermans Warf
Pier 39
Golden Gate park
The Cable Car System
 Lombard Street
Transamerica Pyramid
Alamo Square Park/Painted Ladies (Full house house)      
Union Square

San fran is my last stop also :( very sad times I’m sure I’ll be very sad to finish my trip but I will be going home to start planning my next!!! 

ISIC cash/student card for travel

What I think is a good idea to have when travelling to many different places is a cash card rather than just having money if you are also a student the best one to get would be the ISIC student cash card this is a master card cash card and student discount card all in one I paid for one from STA travel to get flight discounts but they run competitions and things throughout the year and things like that to try and get free ones and things like my travel advisor got me a free one so I now have 2 so I’m using one as a back up the cost is £12 for this and I think it’s a good must have to get lots of discounts and to store up to £2,000 worth of money to spend on your travels its free to load it up and you get it from ATM’s so you’ll be getting the best exchange rate in that country.

To buy your cash/student card go here:

To register the student card go here:

To check out the benefits go here:

Saturday, 9 August 2014

It's getting closer !!!

It's getting closer and I'm getting more and more excited !!! I've just come back from a week in Skegness tying to relax but that didn't quite happen lol anyway I still have lots of things to do and get sorted but at least all the planning things are done I just need to get myself packed and sorted :/ I'll be doing more videos for you guys on my YouTube and will post on hear about packing and things I'm taking. But hear is a sneak peek of all the things I have to sort lol 

My to do list so far hopefully tick more off by the end of the week :) 

Saturday, 2 August 2014

My Vegas game

I thaught I would right a bit more about the my Vegas app game and facebook game I have mentioned it in my previous blog post for travel planning in Las Vegas you can go check that out, so basically it's a slot style game basses on Las Vegas Cassino hotels and you get so many free chips to start plus a daily bonus that goes up each day you visit on a spinning wheel so some day you will get tones and others only a few hundred. On the app you get 150 hourly bonus and little games to get things each time you play to get extra chips and rewards. On the facebook game you have to build the hotels by finding v points and the more hotels the more free chips and rewards every hour. I think it's best to play both if possible you can connect so your rewards are synced but your level and chips are not so keep that in mind! 

You can buy chips but I really wouldn't if you just want the rewards you get enugh free ones everyday and they go up fast! What then means so do your reward points then you can buy things for paying nothing at all!!! 

My friend told me about this and I'm glad she did I've been playing it nearly everyday since and I have quite a few reward points to use ( you can buy 3 things in one time) or one large thing it's up to you and I don't have tons to get a hotel room but I do have enugh to get a free buffet meal or a monorail pass for 2 days ext smaller things like that or a bit higher things like free entry somewhere to make your stay extra special without the cost. At the min I have 38,400 I think so that's enugh to get 3 things but I'm guna keep playing right till the last min to get the best things I can as they have to used or spent demanding on the offer mostly within 90 days so I'm going to work till the end. 

You can get discounted things where you pay for the item but get like 50% off if you want something better but don't have quite the amount of rewards needed.