Sunday, 31 August 2014

I'm off >>>

Agust 31st 1 day to go - Ok so my first day isn't that amazing or fun but I am soooo excited I will be spending my morning checking and double checking that I have everything before my dad picks me up to take me to the airport, my flight isn't whilst 9pm but the airport is a few hour away from me and when I have to set off it will be rush hour so I'm having to set off a lot earlier plus the 3 hour you have to be there to check in. So far I'm not nervous in the slightest and I'm quite excited it feels very unreal and dream like just like how I felt when I went to New York but I will let you know if that has changed tomorrow :) I'll be posting before I go to the airport I think as I don't think there is free wifi at the airport I'm going to and the next post after that will be on the 2nd (depending on internet) I will be writing everyday but some times with the lack of wifi some posts may be posted later with that days so more than one a day x x x

All ready and pampered eye brows tinted and plucked, hair cut and dyed and nails n legs done :) talk to you tomorrow x x x

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