Tuesday, 12 August 2014

ISIC cash/student card for travel

What I think is a good idea to have when travelling to many different places is a cash card rather than just having money if you are also a student the best one to get would be the ISIC student cash card this is a master card cash card and student discount card all in one I paid for one from STA travel to get flight discounts but they run competitions and things throughout the year and things like that to try and get free ones and things like my travel advisor got me a free one so I now have 2 so I’m using one as a back up the cost is £12 for this and I think it’s a good must have to get lots of discounts and to store up to £2,000 worth of money to spend on your travels its free to load it up and you get it from ATM’s so you’ll be getting the best exchange rate in that country.

To buy your cash/student card go here: http://www.statravel.co.uk/discount-cards.htm

To register the student card go here: https://activate.isic.org/activation

To check out the benefits go here: http://www.isic.org

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