Saturday, 16 August 2014

3 in 1 camera connection kit

So I ordered this little bad boy for my trip as I'm taking my iPad I wanted to be able to upload pictures and more importantly videos for you guys here and on YouTube so far I've tested it it out on my main camera and it works !!! It needed a little tweeking video wise as they wouldn't play at first as the video size was to large but I put it down to 720 and it works so I hope the USB bit works for my point and shoot camera but at least I know one works and can get some things up for you :) who needs a huge laptop lol I got this for £9.99 on amazon if anyone is interested for their travels or just want one for everyday it's by kiwibird I'm sure it's easy to find. 

From PC world or apple store you have to buy the SD card and USB slot import things speared and you can't get them together and cost £25 each! So if you want or need both I recommend this little thing all in one and works as well as being cheap.  

So everything is all still on for lots of videos and blogs just hope there is some decent wifi around and they should all be on time too :) x x x

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