Thursday, 21 August 2014

What I'm packing ✈️

As I've said I am no way a pro at all this but I decided to show you what I've packed for my trip and when I get back I will let you all know what I was glad I packed and what I wish I hadn't i think it's a thing you have to learn yourself no matter how many people say do and don't take this pack that etc so I hope this gives you an idea of the things you may or may not need or want to pack. 

Let's start with the bag no I am taking a check in bag not just hand lugage it's up to you what you prefer and to alter the things accordingly, but this bag if your looking for a good but cheap large back pack I got mine from sports they have a website and lots of stores all around and they have loads of travel and camping things in store not just sports things. They have a large range of bags to chose from at all different prices, colours and sizes the most expensive one I saw was £60 and was in ... PINK!!! But it was the same size as mine 65 and cost more so I went for the blue green one it cost me £40 ( full price from a different shop is £80 ) and if your from England you will know that everything in sports direct has 50% and more off everything! So they are all expensive brands but half the price! The brand for my back pack is karimor 

I also got the rain cover to go with my back pack and this was £8 discounted obviously at sports direct I would recommend going into your loacal sports direct before buying from the brand shop as you could save loads. 

Inside my bag I've used space saving waterproof bags that are just like the space saving hoover bags but you don't need a hover you roll and squeeze I got theese as they were the cheapest as I got them from the local pound shop but I know a lot of people use the packing cubes and the water resistant bag things that again you can buy from sports direct as I looked at them but it cost the same for one as it did for a set of 3 from the poundshop or wilkinsons. 

Clothes I am packing are all cheap and old so that if they get damaged or ruind I can leave and get cheaper new ones if I need to whilst I am there. I am packing:

- 5 sets of shorts (one dressy for my night outfit) 
- 6 to 7 vest tops I have more as I don't think you can re were them without washing like shorts 
- 2 T-Shirts that cover my shoulders and are baggy 
- 4 cover up tops for over plain vest tops and bikinis 
- 4 pairs of leggings 2 long ankle length and 2 just covering the knee (different colours) 
- 1 linen white full length trousers for cooler weather and cultural 
- 1 harem trousers comfy and good for covering full leg and half 
- 1 full night outfit bright vest top (shirt style) and shorts skirt style 
- 3 & 1/2 bikinis (1 high waisted) 3 normal style to mix and match for different things 1 extra bottoms 
- 2 sets of pjs 1 long length linen trouser and 1 short set both with vest top 
- 7 to 8 underware all comfy may I add lol 
- 1 light scarf 
- 1 large sarong 
- 1 fold away rain coat 

To keep all or most of my toiletries in I got a flogging and hanging bag from primark that cost £6 it doesn't fit everything in but most of what I need to take into the bathroom etc fits and I can too up as and when I need to add more things but this is good for wet rooms and hostel things to just take and hang up with everything you need in. I am also taking lots of spare zip lock bags to keep things in for leakage and things like that. 

Other bits - toiletries and other things 
- small sashayes of face wash, shampoo and conditioner 
- 1 lush shampoo and conditioner bar (for extra) 
- mini bottles of shower gell/ body wash 
- a small pack of cotton buds and some cotton bads in a zip lock bag
- hair things like bobbles, clips/ slides, hair bands (teeth style), crocodile hair grips (large) 
- talcum powder (to use for hair instead of dry shampoo) 
- deoderent 2 small condensed tins (same as large but new style in small form) and one stick style 
- girly things like tampons and pads 
- travel wash 
- 1 face cloth plus some mini pop up cloths 
- 2 different sized travel towels 1 large 1 medium for hair and body 
- things for my eyes like contact lenses and solution 
- small amount of make up 
- insect repellent and for after the bite I'm using wipes and sprays (make sure they contain deet) 

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