About me.

About me …

Hi everyone my name is Leigh some of you may know me as lillexy2k7 from YouTube! I first started doing videos about my love of makeup and then came a blog lillexy2k7.blogspot.com and I still have a huge love of makeup and beauty things and till do videos but it’s now a new part of my life and I want to share much more of my love for things like interiors, cooking and more importantly why your hear my love of travel. I’m doing all my videos as normal on my YouTube there is no different channel but I’ve made this new blog just for travel and not for everything I like doing.

I am 21 years old and I’m planning my dream trip of 2 months travelling around lots of countries! I have to return for my graduation but plan to save, save, save and start a new adventure next year hopefully working abroad and doing much more travelling!

I would love it if you could all follow me on my trip by this blog or by my YouTube even better would be both. I hope to help people before and along the way as well as after by posting useful links, pages, apps and things to do and see for anyone else planning a trip like this so I hope I do that well for you all and enjoy everything I post about.

Find me…
YouTube: lillexy2k7

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