Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Travel Planning !!! - U.S.A (San Francisco)

San Diego 
On my way to San Francisco I’m stopping in san diego just for a couple of days as I wanted to go to sea world but at this moment in time I don’t think I’ll have enough money to that so ill spend a few days relaxing or doing something that the hostel offers as the one I’m stopping in offers lots of free activities to do during the day and night. http://ithhostels.com they offer lots of things and is a really good price to stay including meals and activities.

San Francisco

When I get to San Fran I’ve already booked 2 things that I defiantly wanted to do, Another thing I did want to do was to watch a baseball game at A T & T park but bad times for me that baseball season is over in October apparently :( so I guess I just have to look forward to the other two things the first being my trip to … ALCATAZ!!! Very excited about this I’ve always wanted to go hear and to get your ticket at the best price book in advance on the official website http://www.alcatrazcruises.com

The next trip I’ve booked I did through STA travel when they were offering £20 off trips and that is the full day Yosemite national park trip yay again very excited about this it always looks amazing in pictures and on movies, I can’t wait to see the waterfalls and huge trees so nice.

Along with the booked trips I’ve got there is plenty more things to see and do in san fran like number 1. Golden Gate Bridge. I also want to do Muir woods so I’m hoping I can find a cheap tour to do this also. Here is a list of things that I’m planning to see and do:
Golden Gate Bridge – to see it from a view and walk it
 Fishermans Warf
Pier 39
Golden Gate park
The Cable Car System
 Lombard Street
Transamerica Pyramid
Alamo Square Park/Painted Ladies (Full house house)      
Union Square

San fran is my last stop also :( very sad times I’m sure I’ll be very sad to finish my trip but I will be going home to start planning my next!!! 

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