Tuesday, 26 August 2014

First aid kit for travel

I thaught I would do a quick post showing you what I'm taking on my trp for my first aid kit/ bag I've had most of it some time I used it at uni and taking it on my trip too so I really think it's a good things to take and have no matter what the trip or how long the trip! 

Everything thing in my bag is in the picture above ^^^ some of the things came in a set made first aid kit that I got from my pound shop so it's not exspensive to make one it comes with some safety scissors, non woven pads! bandage roll, tape, cotton wool, alcohol pad, iodine pad and some tweezers.. It also came with some different sized plasters but I've also added some of my own extra ones that I think are better as they are more of and avarage size. I've added a first aid booklet free from St. John's ambulance online, antiseptic wipes (you could use spray if you wish) a small free sample tube of bepamthem cream good for small cuts and rashes, safety pins, eye drops, and all the instructions to go with the tablets I'm taking so I know what's what along with anyone else. Tablets - paracetamol, contoseption pill (girls only lol), dioria tablets (not nice but sometimes needed), hayfever tablets good for other allergies and congestion too, some vitamin tablets and any other medication that you may need from your doctor these are just must haves in my book. I hope this helped and if anyone has any other things they think I should add in it please comment below and let me know :) x 

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