Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A review for Angkor secret garden inn

On day 16 all we did was travel so I thaught instead of doing a small quick blog on the traveling what I've already done I would write a review for the hotel we stayed in. 

The hotel was called Angkor secret garden inn and was in Siem reap Cambodia it wasn't far at all from the Angkor temples and I'm guessing that's what you would be going for if your staying in that area. For 2 nights we paid $44 dollers this was with a hot shower a double bed and air con in the room with 2 free bottles of water, it also included breakfast and unlimited tea or coffe and free wifi and access to computers. 

The person that sorted me and my friends out was Mr luky and we each gave him a $20 tip as he was just that helpful, friendly, kind and just all round perfect for somone you would want to help you out in the hotel. If you go there I'm sure he will be there as I'm sure he is the manager and he is there 24/7 he helped in the kitchen and surged us food in the restaraunt they have in the hotel and this food was the best I've had so far on my traveling trip it was all fresh homemade, yummy and best of all cheap the most it cost for one thing was $3 !!! My recommendation for food to order is the cream of pumpkin soup and garlic bread and the burger and fries. 

The hotel also have free bikes to use and they have a taxi/mini bus service and a tuk tuk service we used this to go round the Angkor temples for the rent of the tuk tuk it was $15 from 11am till 7pm (you can also do sunrise) and free water at every temple you visit from the tuk tuk person we had mr luky again doing the tuk tuk but there is another person that does this in the hotel. We were short on money for food and lent us some and dropped us off at an ATM after our sight seeing tour this was so nice of him and really was another reason to tip him. He even came up the last temple at sun set with us what was nice. 

The rooms were clean and comfy nothing wrong with them at all had free toiletries a tv and air con, the beds were big and comfy and I had the best nights sleep. 

We also paid up at the end of the stay this was really nice not to be hassled as soon as we got there plus we needed an ATM so this was perfect. We also got a free welcome drink of juice and you have the option to be picked up from the bus station to the hotel free of charge if you know the time and bus number, we didn't so we just got a taxi there they also offer a taxi back all the way to the border for $30 but we got a mini bus that they had posters up for for the whole trip back to Bangkok this was $25 but you have to book the night before as there is only 13 spaces. 

Over all I rate this hotel 5 stars for everything food, helpfulness, cleanliness and attitude the facilities were perfect and this would have been really good for a long stay as well as a short stay it's just off the busy road so you could walk 5mins to the street bars and food stalls if you wish but it just off the way to make it a better sleep with less noise.  I Would recomend this hotel to anyone it is well worth the small amount of money for what you get me and my friends all agree. 

Check out my day 15 travel video on YouTube for a room tour! 

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