Saturday, 6 September 2014

Day 6 Thailand

So after an early start again to head to the floating markets I am now shattered and tired and just want to sleep not a good thing for a backpacker wanting to see things I even have a free massage today and it looks miles away on the map and I can't be bothered to walk it there so I am just sat having a drink now and going to try and get a taxi to my next hotel as it's about 20 mins away hope it doesn't cost too much lol last night I didn't end up going out but I went to the restaraunt in my hotel and had a grilled cheese sarni and a drink n skyped my family. 

Floating market 
I really enjoyed the floating market it was outside Bangkok about 1 1/2 hours there and back I got hotel pick up and drop off and then we got a long tail boate to the market itself where you then had the option to stay for an hour and go on other trips or stay the full 2 hour whitch I did I just sat had a coffe next to the river and took it all in for 150 bht you could get the paddle boat around it what would have been better but since I was on my own and not with more people it would cost me 300bht not that that's exspensive but I was quite happy walking and looking around and sitting I would really recomend doing this as a half day trip if you have some time spare it really is nice and hectic but calming at the same time. 

All I did after was stop for a drink after taking my bag to storage and get a taxi to my next hotel and meet the group, we went out for a meal and some drinks too I tried something new and did not like it lol it was black bean noodles and chicken, the chicken was nice but the black bean noodle was not it was like green absinthe tasted jelly lol eww not my thing. 

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