Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Night 16 and day 17 | traveling to koh Samui |

Day 16 - So after traveling back from Cambodia that seem to take ages but at least it was comfy this time we got a hotel just off of koh San road this cost us around £5 each with a fan and free wifi and water it was the star dome or dome star one of the 2 is the right was around lol we headed for something to eat and found a really cheap and yummy Indian we had a huge portion also this was just off of koh San road also. We then went on to koh San road had a rink in a bar waiting for it to liven up a little bit but we had to be in bed erly as we had to get up for the plane, we then decided to eat scorpion or at least try it I think it tastes like very salty gravy and was very hard you can see my reaction on my video of day 16 on my YouTube it's a funny watch. 

Day 17 - traveling to koh Samui this only took one hour on the plane and we booked this with nok air was around £20 with a free snack and water not bad at all, when we arrived at suratani airport we got a bus and ferry combo ticket for 400 baht around £8 this took a few hour but we arrived on koh Samui for 12:30pm so we still had a full day to do things. We decided to walk around to look for a cheap hotel rather than get a taxi to the main touristy area after walking around an hour and in one big circle may I add we managed to get a 3 bed room with free wifi, tea and coffe, hot water and air con for 750 baht so quite cheap and it's off the main road so it's a lot quiter. We had a short walk around after we had refreshed our selfs we went to the beach for a few hours. 

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