Monday, 8 September 2014

Day 8 Chiang mai

So to get to Chiang mai we got the over night train that took 12 hours and was quite a good experience I will write a separate blog post about the sleeper train at another time but I would recomend it, it's cheap clean and a new wat to travel. 

We arrived in Chiang mai at 8:15am and took a short taxi ride to our hotel around 20mins had a quick freshen up and chill by the pool before we went off as a group to do our Thai cooking class this is a must it's cheap around 1000 bht £30ish and you learn a whole new style of cooking even if like me your pallet is not quite up to the taste of the food it's still a fun and interesting thing to do whilst your in the food capital of Thailand we made 4 dishes - spring rolls, Thai soup, Thai green curry and pad Thai the pad Thai and spring rolls were my fave :) we got to eat it all to by the way so that was dinner sorted. 

Some of the group opted to look around the area and stay by the pool and me and some others decided to go to tiger kingdom what was amazing the tigers are well looked after and very much awake and not sedated may I add if the didn't want there photo they simply walked away lol a few did this but it was such a fun thing to do and have some great pictures and memory's from it! If you don't mind things like that I would say go do it it cost us around 200baht return taxi and I did the big tiger what was 420baht there was all different sized down to little baby cubs all at different prices and packages to do if you wish to do more than one type of tiger. I loved it and was well worth my money but if it's not your thing then I'm sure it's fine to give it a miss but like I said they were not sudated or in bad conditions they were well looked after. 

6pm we are now having a meeting with our trekking guid for tomorrow telling us what we will be doing what we need etc. 

Tonight we went to the night bizarre had a look round some market stalled I bought myself some really baggy trouser bottoms to be cool and comfy on the trek and traveling what ever really I just felt like I needed some on this trip as I haven't got any really comfy long bottoms.mwe then went to get some food for like a food hall you paide at a till and got a check for that amount to pay at the food stalls but I wasn't that hungry and wanted my sweet fix so I got some ice cream and Nutella bannana pancakes they were sooooo yummy it's unreal! Me and 3 others from the group then went to watch a lady boy show it was free to enter but you had to buy a drink so we got the cheapest Chang beer 100baht it was good more like a cab array show than anything else not quite what I was expecting but I'm not sure what I was really but it was ok, we then come back to the hotel to get a some what early ish night been 11pm already for tomorrow is the start of our jungle trek and that is going to be a lot of hard work and effort lol 

I won't have connection for the next 3 days as we are in the jungle so I will post my blogs and videos as soon as I am back to having wifi so do bare with me a little bit I'm sure you can understand :) night guys x 

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