Saturday, 27 September 2014

Day 27 what to do ???

So today for some reason I was way too shattered to do much I guess it's because I managed to do 4 days worth of sight seeing in 1 day lol all I've done Is look for a post office to post some of my gifts home this cost me 33RM not much really just in case some of them I couldn't get in to Sydney I thaught it was best. I also went to mc Donald's had what I normally had and was stuffed not like me at all I also tried a Darien fruit mc flurry not too bad actually. I think my face book post sums it up for today lol. 

It's also just started raining like really bad with thunder and all that so I'm glad I'm not out and having a bit of a chill day just watched monsters inc too love a bit of disney to make me happy :) I went to the shop got a new flavour of ice tea and some Hershey's chocolate milk shake hope it's better than the other days and some cookies for tonight and there is also hangover 3 on hbo tonight so I'll be watching that last night I watched White House down I really enjoyed it I didn't realise what film it was till right at the end and was like oh this has just come on ske movies lol my mum was right having the tv on as background noise really helps :) so yer a bit of another boring day but I feel like it's needed it saves me some money and I haven't had a nothing day in so long. It's also been good to get some blog post done what I've needed to do and catch up with :) 

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