Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Day 1 in Dubai

So I arrived in Dubai and the airport is huge I had to get 3 walking escalator thigs 1 lift and a train all just to get my lugage. I got a taxi to my hotel and checked in and got freshened up and then went over to my friends apartment hotel (Sophie and Luke I posted there blog the other month) and we chilled around the pool till around 3 and then got showered and changed and ready to get the metro to the burj Khalifa we managed to get there just on time for 5pm as it was a long a very long walk using the walking escalators to the Dubai mall and to the entrance to go to the top. We picked that time and I would recomend that time as you can get to see the whole of Dubai in free stages day light, dusk/ sun set and night time as you can stay up there as long as you like but do take a bottle of water! 

We then went and got a coffe (very exspensive lol) and waited for our time slot to go on the lake ride to see the musical fauntins we got such a close up view I would highly recomend it when it's only around £11 anyway you get a much better view and experience. When then went around the Dubai mall a quick look as you could spend a month in there no joke lol and then back I was extremely tired when writing this as why it's very quick I will do some better ones and more detail about things at a later date but I had been traveling all day and then sight seeing.

The view from the burj at sunset. 

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