Friday, 5 September 2014

Day 4 | traveling to Thailand |

Ok so there isn't much to say about what I did today other than it felt like all day of traveling! Decided to save money and carry all my bags to the metro and even at 6am the heat was horrendous and then get the metro to the airport this is a lot cheaper if you are near a metro it cos me 4 dh and taxi there cost me 52 dhr so a big saving. And then I was delayed on the plain again an hour late good job I had no connecting flights but I managed to stay awake and watch 3 films on the plane in tears watching the fault in our starts people must have been looking at me like omg why is she crying lol then the grand Budapest hotel and finally malifisent all 3 were amazing I love them plus I got a whole row of seats to my self so I got to be comfy and got more free drinks and hot towels this time plus I got my meal as I wasn't asleep lol. I had transport booked for when I arrived to Thailand much more hassle free I must recomend doing that and then had a quick walk to koh San road to see where it was and I was shattered so I went to sleep and didn't get up properly till 12 lol.

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