Monday, 15 September 2014

Day 13 nothing much !

Day 13 - was a nothing much day I got back off the sleeper train and went to my next hotel (Siam star) to meet my friends Sophie and Luke for my next bit of my trip traveling to Cambodia (day 14) so all day I litrely did nothing much other than chill and wait but on the night we all went to baiyoke tower what was next to our hotel ( we did this on a purpose) we paid around 400 baht and got a free cocktail with that at the bar we had an amazing view and got a good choice of drinks to pick from seen as they were free. I really enjoyed this tower more than most as there were servile floors you could go on including a bar and a revolving observation deck outside right at the very top. It had lots of other things to look around at like old Thailand things and about the tower, the observation deck goes slow enugh to take pictures and take in the scenery I would recomend doing this as an alternative to the sky bar (hang over tower) we then had a very short sleep as we had to be up for 3ish to get ready and go to the train station for our train to Cambodia and I was shattered after already doing a 12 hour sleeper train. 

The view from above in the tower 

My free pinocolada (it was yummy) 

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