Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Amazing what a bit of research can do

So as I've had a few down days I felt like I wasn't looking forward to Kuala Lumpur as I did not know what to expect I wasn't sure on my hotel choice etc but after getting a bit of wifi looking at the exchange rate and looking up my hotel and how to get there and found that it's in good location to most things I want to see and only 15mins from the airport I feel much better knowing I'll have enugh money on me and that the hotel has other room options available so I'm going to ask if I can upgrade if I'm not too keen on the room I was given. I really need to get some washing done too but I don't think any of the rooms have balconys so we shal see what happens there. At the minute I'm using a bit of free wifi near burger king with no time limit on floor 2 it's not brill to face time but ok for facebook and things I'm soon going to be checking in after my 2 day airport holiday lol so I thaught I would sort all this before going to the other side as I'm not sure if there will be free wifi. All the check in times on the board are from 8:55am so I'm just waiting a little longer before going back up to check. My flight is only a short one 2hour 10mins on Malaysian airlines :/ fingers crossed right there and I will be having my phone next to me ready to turn on if need be lol I'll post the blog now but if I get more free wifi later I will be adding more and re posting :) 

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