Thursday, 18 September 2014

Day 18 koh Samui | change of plans |

So today I was supposed to leave Sophie and Luke to head to koh sok national park but after a long decision about the cost of things and the fact I would get in too late from my flight to get my baggage that's in storage, so I got a new flight for £30 to leave at the same time of them and we are staying on the east islands koh Samui and koh Tao this way it is much cheaper for us all and much more better and more fun for me to be with friends. So today we headed to the more touristy area of the island and we are stopping in a nice hotel called the friendship (it has a bar and reseraunt and also sell all tickets for ferrys and tours for the islands) just across from the big budda pier (this cost us 100baht each in a taxi truck thing and was around 20 mins) so we are not far for tomorrow heading to koh Tao. We went across to the beach for the afternoon till it cooled down a bit to head out to the big budda for sun set we managed to get there for 100baht there and 100 back from where we were for all 3 of us, we then went to the Chinese temple only a short 5 min walk away it said it shut at 6pm be we could still get in. Tonight I had a nice English meal and had mince and onion pie and Garvey with mash at a small English restaraunt just up from the budda pier 2 mins away called the bakers dozen it was nice and cheap and all home coked by a nice little English man. And now I am in bed after heading to a 7 eleven for some fanta a huge bottle for 28baht like 56p and writing this before bed as we have to get up early for our ferry to koh Tao so I will say night and write tomorrow x 

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