Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Day 42 time traveling!

So today was my last day in Fiji my flight wasn't till 10pm so I had a full day to chill on the sun bed and relax have something to eat all that stuff before I got the taxi at around 7pm and cost me $14 takes around 20-30 to get to the airport and it's not a big one so there wasn't much to do really I just decided to have a nap on the chairs after looking round the shops (very cheap stuff may I add for an airport) but don't buy a drink for the plane ride as they take it off you before bording so annoying :/ the flight was 13 hours and because of the time difference I set off on the 13th October 10pm and arived in LA on the 13th October 2pm in the afternoon time traveling at it's best (until it really becomes a thing to do anyway lol) I went with Fiji airways and the man at the desk when I asked if I could have a widow seat said there wasn't any available but he could give me an isle seat with no on on the row so I got a full 4 sweater row to my self to sleep the whole flight ahhhh nice! 
Once I landed in LA and got my bags and immigration all that stuff I got the free airport shuttle to the metro/train station thing and had to get 2 metro things to get to vine stree station and walk about 3 blocks to my hostel what was in an amazing location, I had to stop myself from looking at the stars on the floor whilst I was looking for my hostel lol. I booked a tour with somone off the street and cost me $25 it was crap I wouldn't do it book it with your hostel or hotel! By the time I got to the hostel it was like 4pm the tour was at 5pm and I didn't get back from that till 7pm so it was a long day. I'll not tell you about the tour as it was rubbish and you can tell as I only paid $25. I've decided to book another with the hostel so I'll tell you about that one. I staid up till 10pm so that I wouldn't get up too early and took advantage of the free coffe (with syrups to use) 

Sorry this is late I finaly have a chance to write them up on my iPad so I'll do my best to catch up today and tomorrow :) x x x

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