Friday, 3 October 2014

Day 30 one month down and arriving in Sydney!

So my first day in Sydney started really early as I landed at Sydney airport at about 6:30am and it was all ready really busy and full, there were mile long ques to scan your passport to through the border (all computerised not one human checking or giving me my stamp in my passport :( not happy) all through there were long ques it was a lot quicker than if a person was doing it, you simply put your electronic only passports in the scanner answer 3 questions yes or no and you get you ticket to go to the scanners and this is simple again you stand on the markings like normal scanner things in airports it takes your picture and you scan your card thing and your done and into the baggage collection point. After the ques our bags were all ready going round and mine was there then you went to go out through imagination (nothing to declare) and this was horrible the queuing systems they had in place were not enugh for the amount of people all trying to get out people pushing in and ramming into you with trolleys people going in the wrong lanes and because the ques went back so far got away with it because they couldn't send them back but I was lucky after standing around trying to find what que I had to be in around 5 mins and imagination officer came to me looked at my card and sent me out through a separate door no hassle no ques straight out! I then wen to look for the train station in the airport to take me to central station as my hostel was 2 mins away across the road so there was no need to pay for a $30 taxi when I could get a $16.40 train that took less than 10mins to go to other stations after central station this costs $17. 
The hostel I'm staying at is wake up! Sydney this is the first hostel I have ever stayed in and I loved it so nice and clean not what I expected everyone was helpful and friendly and I would love to stay hear again if I ever came back I'll do a better review in a separate blog post about my first time hosteling. 
As I got to the hostel for just after 7:30am my room/bed wasn't ready as check out is at 10am then they have to clean it and get it ready so check in isn't till after 12 so they let me have a key to the kitchen and tv area and I slept in the tv room till 2pm I was so tired as I had not been able to sleep on the flight at all. Once I had checked in I put my stuff in the room and locker and took a nice long shower to refresh me and get me ready to do something, so I checked out some maps and decided to have a walk to a park not too far and then to darling harbour as they are only around 10-15mins away from the hostel walking. I went to the caffe at the hostel very nice and posh I had some spaghetti bolognise and a coffe to keep me up a bit this was so good and a decent portion very filling and did the trick and only cost me $16 all together. 

It was such a nice and warm afternoon and it was nice to just have a slow walk around checking prices for things like the aquarium - $40 for adults $33 for students and the wild life park - same as the aquarium ( you can get multi buy entrance tickets and save money if your not a student) at darling harbour have a look at the parks and the Chinese friendship gardens - $6 entrance for adults. 
After my walk around I decided to look for the Sydney tower as it was getting dark and it's not too far from this area (I think everything from the hostel is in good walking distance) this was $26 for an adult and no student tickets with the entrance to the tower you also got a short 4D movie about Sydney before going up to see the views and you can stay as long as you want, you can do the sky walk but this is $60 and the revolving restaraunt is a buffet style and looked reasonable prices from what I saw. 

After around an hour at the tower I decided to head back to the hostel thinking it was later than I thaught, this was easy to get back you just walked in a straight line all the way down on pit street. If this fails just look for the clock tower at centeral station this is right across from it (if your staying at wake up!) when I realised it was only 6:30pm I decided to have 2 wines at the caffe bar outside as it was still quite warm an wait till a bit later so that I would sleep through till a normal time in the morning as I had a nap earlier. 

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