Sunday, 5 October 2014

Day 5 in Sydney | day 34 | wildlife park |

Today we decided to have a much more chilled day and have a bit more of a lay in but with the boys in my room been really loud in the night It didn't feel too much like a lay in. We decided to meet at my hostel as it was closer to darling harbour but the person I was meeting got lost and it was a lot later than arranged but we took the less than 5 min walk from my hostel to darling harbour and went to the wildlife park all I wanted to do was hold a kuala but nope you could only get your picture by standing next to the tree it was in for an extra $20 so I decided against it, we did the wildlife place a lot quicker than the aquarium as it didn't seem as good or as interesting I defiantly would not pay $40 to go and I was a bit disappointed that I had paid $28 for this so I personaly would not recomend it I think I would pay extra and go to taronga zoo it seems much bigger and more open. where everything was behind glass and you couldn't even feed anything and I personaly didn't think there was that much there. After this we went for something to eat at the cheapest place we could find at darling harbour and headed to the gilotto I've cream shop and I was greasy and had 3 flavours not just 2 but I do recomend the forarro chocolate flavour it was yummy! 
We also checked out paddys market if your buying gifts I would buy them all there it's much cheaper lots of offers on much better than the gift shops where I got my things from the market is open from 9am till 5pm. The last thing we did this day was just check out china town and sit and have a few drinks just off the Main Street of china town where the beers were only $5 this is cheap apparently but I just had water lol. we headed back to get a shower and chill a bit before going back to darling harbour to see the free fire work show that starts at 8:30pm every Saturday at darling harbour and I must say for a free show it was pretty spectacular! I really wanted an early night as I think the busy days and late nights were catching up with me and we decided to be up earlier the next day. 

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