Monday, 6 October 2014

Day 6 in Sydney | day 35 | my last day in Sydney :(

So as it says it's my last day hear in Sydney I'm really sad I loved it so much it's just my kind of city and it's made me love Australia and want to come back and see more of it! The people are so nice and friendy and even the accent has grown on me. 
So I had a nice chilled day I met my friend in the morning at 10am to walk in to the city to the harbour to catch the ferry to manly bay and we picked the perfect day for this it was so nice and hot and it was the long weekend so everyone was out and had such a good atmosphere with live music and things going off, the ferry was 28mins and cost us for a return $17 and the boat comes every hour, by the time we had got our ticket the boat was due in 10 so we just sat drinking our very exspensive coffees we naught just before as we both was shattered and needed them, we sat on the top dec on the ferry and got to see some really amazing sights of the bays and harbours some really good photo opportunitys. When we got there we went straight to the other side of the beach it's one long road down you can't miss it no turns or anything takes around 5mins to walk and it's a real good beach when we went it was quite choppy so there were lots of surfers out so I had a good checking out sheesh I just love people watching and this beach was perfect, it was very busy but there was still lots of space to sun bathe and go paddle in the freezing yet refreshing waters and apart from this that's pretty much all we did all day was soak up the sun. 
There is lots of places that do fish and chips and it seemed to be on every menu so I took the chance to try some seen as manly is quite know for good fish and chips or so I've heard from people we went to one just round the corner from the Ben and jerrys ice cream shop around 2 doors down it was cheap and one of the best fish and chips I have ever had and I'm from the uk where we are known for it especially at the coast but I tell you I don't think I'll ever find one as good as that! It cost me $12 for it plus a drink I got that was another $4 so not bad really to say how much I enjoyed it I would recomend anyone try some when your there it's the best and a lot cheaper than on the front restaurants where it was pricing from $18 plus depending on the fish you wanted. We got the 5:20 ferry back and walked back up to the hostel.
 I decided to have an early night I did some laundry as I had run out of underwere and needed a lot of clothes cleaning and freshening up so I thaught I'd put a load on have a shower and chill I realised the washers are much bigger than I expected and could have done loads more but I know for future, when I went back to the room waiting for my things to dry I met a knew room mate and got chatting and decided to go on the hunt for some pizza this was a hard task but ended up finding a really yummy and we thaught cheap place at darling harbour Siron or something it was called on the left side of the harbour. When I got back the lads in the room already said they were off out and was planning to make as much noise as possible I honestly thaught they were just joking with me but nope one guy was in and decided to turn the light on to re pack then 2 more came back and was chatting away to me and the girl for about half an hour then they turned the lights back off thank god! Then the rest came back later on and woke me up the other girl had gone out to a friends so I was on my own they fetched a tree in to annoy one of the boys and I think that's why they were so load as they were shouting his name etc wanting to wind him up I think, it worked he poured a full bottle of water over one and then the other guy took his mattress and oh my go so much noise and hassle and then one of the guys decided to start talking to me as he noticed I was awake only hoping they would get the point! Then he gave me a wet hat no idea lol and then decided he would climb up to my bunk and sleep with me (not in that way tut tut ) he started getting comfy under the quilts and lot would not move just kept chatting insisting he was sleeping with me tonight I think not! One of the other guy finaly got him out for me but he was still shouting my name for me to go in his no way thank you!!! Sush a wired, funny and horrible nights I've had so far it was all funny it was just a laugh but I was so tired and had to be up to check out not a happy bunny. 

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