Saturday, 4 October 2014

Day 2 in Sydney | day 31 | beach walk

Ok so today was my first proper day in Sydney even though the day before I did have a full day today I was refreshed and ready to look around so with the wake up hostel I was with they offer free tours and one of them was on a Wednesday and it was a beach tour from coogy beach to bondi beach around a 2 hour walk all together it started at 11am and only cost for the bus fair return ticket was $6 we picked a ver windy and cold day to do this but it was still a nice day and got to see some really lovely beaches my fave had to be bondi just because it really did look like what you see in pictures. We spent an hour looking around bondi and I think I would have enjoyed it much better if I wasn't in shorts and a vest top freezing to death with the sea breez as well as the cold day it was but it was nice and picturesque had lots of caf├ęs and shops around too. On the way to bondi beach we walked along a lot of things but one thing that's took put the most was the grave yard with the best view in town right on the hill side with a perfect view of the sea from the cliff tops just amazing I would love to be buried there! I've forgot the bus number to let you know but I'm sure there is a few that head that way. 

On the night it was free wine and cheese night so some girls and I that I had met on the beach walk decided to head and check that out as it was on the first floor so it was only a lift ride away so easy when you have a bar and everything in your hostel the wine was goon this is cheap box wine that's what they call that hear this term was new to me but I quickly learnt to call it this but i didn't find it too bad I quite liked it but then again I like cheap wine back home lol I had as many as I could drink whilst it was free and they weren't stingy with it too so I got pretty merry and I guess the cheese was good too lol after it got to 10pm we had to take the party to the bar area where they were still giving out free drinks so I got another two and had a really good night my very first night partying away in a different country I met another girl and one of the girls I had met on the beach walk went to bed as it was her first day so she was shattered I don't know how she stayed up so long lol but me and this other girl stayed up dancing till 1am and then I finally went to bed as the sleep thing was catching up with me too still slightly jet lagged. And that was my second day pretty much I met some knew people to plan things with made friends and had a good party on free goon loved it!!! 

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