Monday, 6 October 2014

BULA! Welcome to Fiji day 36 and 37

Bula! Welcome to Fiji guys I arived last night so I really didn't do anything to write about other than sleep, I stayed at smugglers cove and got a welcome back by awsome adventures that I booked with sta travel for £55 that included airport pick up free SIM card, 1 night in a dorm room and brekfast and transfer to the dock where you catch the ferrys to the islands. 

but for today I had booked 2 nights on the beachcomber resort on one of the South sea islands I had to pay for a return ferry separate and this was $205 Fiji dollers that's around £66 so £33 each way and it took around 45 mins to get to the island and was buy awsome adventures, the hotel I booked on and cost me around £30 for 2 nights in a dorm style then I had to pay $160fiji for the food so brakfast, lunch and dinner buffet style and drinks you have to pay for separate but they have lots of happy hours so it's not too badly priced and the food so far had been good and the dorms look nice all girls so far it's worth the money for a resort on it's own island with no one else but the hotel guests and staff. I had a nice relaxing morning sunning it up on the beach after having to get up early for the coach to get the ferry, but around 3 it started raining and has now dropped chilly so I've booked in for a braid only $5fiji and having cocktails with 2 girls I've met till dinner time at 7pm. At 2pm we went to feed some turtles thinking they were in the sea but they were not they were in a tank but it was free and we did it anyway lol tonight I think the plan is to get a shower and get in my pjs and just chill as I don't think there is much to do and I'm not into a dance commotion so I may just have a few more drinks and see what happens. 

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