Saturday, 10 January 2015

Help for travel planning & my travel videos

Stuck for something to do ? got January blues ? i can help start planning a trip or trips of a life time !!! 

I will be doing a few blogs and maybe some videos on my YouTube to help with doing this from what i went through and learnt last year whilst planning mine and going on the trip :) from money saving, to ideas from my bucket list to yours. anything i can think of that i worried about or struggled with doing ill help with tips and advise to make this better for you. 

#1 The number one thing i found useful and fun to do was watch all sorts of travel videos. mine aren't the most descriptive like some (and feel free to watch any style of video that best suits you for ideas and help) but i attempted to do daily vlogs of my travels... the didn't end up been so daily as it happens and aren't the best for information but its lost of footage of amazing places i visited and loved and if you want to know anything about the videos just ask.   

For more videos (16) all from my travels visit my youtube Chanel now!!! 

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