Thursday, 12 September 2013

STA travel review

STA travel is one of the best sites I've come across, I've always wanted to travel and do things but never new there was a company that could inspire me any more to do these things and its makes me want to pack my bag and go now! This site has everything you will ever need for traveling I'm planning for next year so I've started really looking and I've found loads of things I want to do and countries I never wanted to go to are now on the top of my list I love it. 

You can get just flights at amazing prices I may add its so cheap it's unreal and package flights to go to all different countries, tours in large or small groups if you want something more organised and planed some with meal included, day trips and activities, hop on hop off buses to get from A to B one side of the countries to the other some with trips and tours added in the price but free to do as and when you want, all other transport services like trains planes buses boats and the best places to stay and cheap with tickets available to have entry to so many hostels in a country so you don't have to worry about if your going off course you have somewhere to stay. There's also a blogging feature to let everyone know what your doing or how your travels went and they also sort insurance and cards that will be needed when traveling.

I haven't been in to a store yet but I will be shortly and update you all on how helpful the staff is but I'm sure they will be the web site is so helpful how could the staff not be. The site boasts offers all the time and student discount and for under 26's so I'm guna get an amazing deal on this I'm sure. On the site it says if you book a consultation with a travel advisor they will help plan and sort it so its at your taste so I can't wait to see I have a big list of places and things to do because of this site so I'm hoping to do as many as possible, so I'm going to have to get saving as much as I can wish me luck lol.

You can download to your computer or tablet travel guides for each and every country with the best places to 
stay, do, tours, travel and other activities and trips. 

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