Sunday, 22 September 2013

Bucket list time!

Okii so I was watching idiot aboard 2 and was thing about my bucket list now when I was younger I had a list of things I wanted to do before I died on mi piczo web site and I went to see what it looked like and amazingly things that I thought I wouldn’t done until I had my own money and doing my own things and amazingly my list was completely ticked off witch made me feel like I’ve accomplished so much in my life but at the same time I was young they weren’t challenging things and there were stupid school kid ones also the list included:

Shopping in New York City (was my biggest dream)

Going to Florida Disneyland

Swim with dolphins

Get good grades in school

Be an interior designer

And then there were the stupid ones like skip school and lessons go to plenty of piss ups and I did all of the list above except be an interior designer but that’s what I’m in uni for so I’m working towards that :D

Now last year was the best year of my life so far and I know I have a lot of life left but last year not 1 bad thing happened to me only good things and to tell the true I didn’t want this year to come because I was too scared of it going back to be someone up there shitting on me but so far I’m still getting what I want in life someone last year decided I deserved a brake they really did I got all the grades I wanted and got my English GCSE after 4 year lol got into the uni that I wanted to get into went to new York witch was my biggest dream and then went on to have 3 more fabulous holidays including Cuba for 3 week and turkey for a week love the sun (in cubea I held a baby crocodile and sat on a real bull) I also turned 18 and had the best 18th birthday party with friends and family with my sweets buffet :D

I’ve done things in life that weren’t on a list at all in fact I never expected to or even thought on and I no I’m so lucky to do the things I have in life and I am very appreciative to my mum and dad for making all the things come true because none of it would have happened without them. X

So let’s get to my new bucket list :D

Travel the world each and every country and experience there lifestyle and activities

 U.S.A road trip and more travel there

Sky dive

Get a tattoo – stupid but I do Check 

See all the wonders of the world

Ride an elephant

Go skiing

Stop at the ice hotel

See the northern lights

Climb a mounting

Go to a carnival

Go on a safari and stop in a tree top room

See endangered species in their natural habitat

Go skinny dipping ;D

Be super close to penguins my favourite animal

Shoot a real gun (not at a person or animal obz lol )

Live or study abroad

Go in a hot air balloon up up and away

Just float around in the Dead Sea

Try all different foods (I have a food bucket list too lol) 

Try sking or snow bording 

Finally pass my driving test (hopefully soon) 

and im sure as years to come and i tick some off lots more will be added and i could add alot more but thats the main ones so far post. what you would do befor you died ? Let me know in a comment. x x x x

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