Thursday, 19 September 2013

Apps that help!

I have been looking in to some really fun and useful apps perfect for traveling and can help in more ways than one. Perfect for on your phone, iPad or iPod or any other device that has the app system and best of all there all free! What means there always up to date with free updates and can removed when not needed and re installed when you do need them. 

Trip advisor: this one is good for all types of things including the state the obvious one to advise and help give advise on the best places to go stay eat and play! You can rate things to help other people and see other rates and rivews for all the things your looking at it also helps you find the best prices for things and shows on the map were the things are. I do think you need wifi to do all of this so that is a bit of a downfall but for pre traveling needs this could be really good to see how other people found there exspirince or stay. 

Viator: now this is my new fave app and website! You can search for any trips and things to do in any country with the best price and booking system with plenty of offers and sales on loads of trips and tours all the time when it's already got the cheapest trips on there. this is good to get trips sorted before you go at the best price or a last minute whilst your on your travels at a low cost price. You do need wifi for this but with lots of free wifi out there it's a good one to have if you love doing things. 

Track my tour: this is a brill one I can't wait to use this so excited about it!!! This is the travels dream to track your tour it does what it says it works a bit like a check in system you add the place your at be that on a train or a place adds it to the map with the weather that day pins it then you add the next and so on and so on and at the end you can see the whole trip on a map with the weather writing about that day in photoes. This is one you need wifi for but if you don't have it one day you could add both areas the next time you do. This would be good to keep people updated on were you are and were you been all the time I'm so using this! 

Currency: you don't have to just have this one there's plenty of free named brand currency converters this one is just what I picked and is a must have I think for traveling. Make sure you keep it updated! 

Expedia: there's planty of this kind of thing you could use not just this but a good one to have to get quick flights quite cheap and hotels near you for the best price incase you need somewhere to stay or a flight home quick for whatever reason wifi will obviously be needed to find things but it is still a good one to have. 

Triposo: this one is another fave of mine it's a travel guide but not just like your ordanery travel guide like a book with the best places to see and go to in the area with a bit of a map on the front page this does have all that but obviously always updated with updates obviously has the map to show you how to get to the places you want to and how with the distance, it has the weather updates, and all hotels and tickets and places to eat and to see you can add them to your wish list or to your have done list and best of all it's connected to viator to book the trips and things and has ratings and reviews to help you decided. Another good thing is it has translate options helps you with phrases and words need to get you sorted it has everything you will need to travel in this.  It's the best but you will need wifi for some of things needed on this but some will work without it. 

Cool cities: this is another travel guid one that is just that but is good to download just a set thing you need and use the offline mode to still read and see we're to go. 

I translate: this one is a must have for a long term travel trip if your not too good with languages but you could use any this is just the one I have. 

Tripit: this is a trip organisation app this is a good one for planning and organising your trips really good for those of you that aren't the spontaneous type and like things all planed out from place to place and time to time. 

So that's it I hope theese help and if anyone has any other ones that you think would be good to have or are really useful let me know I'd love to here about them. 

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